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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RussP, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Sam Spade

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    Marlowe---the timing is tied to his appeal. He took the firing to court and lost.

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  2. It's amazing Dorner wasn't more diligently vetted by the military or law enforcement. The guy has some serious issues and ultra sensitivity to his past experiences as well as toward coworkers and superiors. You would think these issues would have surfaced before this. He is certainly a nightmare for LAPD and surrounding LEO. Hope it ends soon. Heart filled prayers for those who became victims.

  3. He has a residence in Las Vegas in Mountain's Edge. I heard it was searched and came up empty. The local police department went to two-man patrols effective immediately. Every agency in Vegas has a BOLO on him and even put up a billboard along the strip.
  4. w01


    And potentially (and coincidentally) to the loss of his military reserve officer status, which occurred 1 Feb 2013. Remember he was still using on base facilities in the San Diego area as late as January. He would have lost access to those with his discharge. That could be another blow to his ego as it appears that this status was important to him and he blames its loss on his LAPD issues.
  5. I should clarify that. I meant 100 or 1000 nationwide doing the same kind of thing, not all in the same area. I agree that 100 or 1000 in the same area would make it much easier to find.

    Marlowe, Thanks for the information. Those are good posts and a good analysis. Much of that I didn't know as I haven't been tracking everything with regard to this.
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  6. w01


    I'm bothered by that too. It's being painted as some kind of "revolution against a repressive government and a repressive police force". But he's targeting family members of those he has a personal beef with. That's not furthering a cause (even by unacceptable methods) - that's just personal vengeance and won't be satisfied until it's exacted in full or he is stopped by force (however necessary).

    Maybe I'm practicing amateur psychology but that's how I see it.
  7. I can guarantee you all, that folks in the military and LEO professions each know at least one person who would go postal or commit suicide if he felt cornered, rightly or wrongly and lost everything important to them. Sometimes, or most of the time, it's due to the person's own fault, sometimes it's not. It's impossible to know beforehand.

    I sure hope this guy is put down before he takes any more lives.
  8. Yep. Power and prestige mean everything to some folks.
  9. I understand. Nationwide would be a catastrophic event.
  10. wprebeck

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    Figures you'd be here.
  11. :wavey:
  12. I may be inviting flame bait but to believe that the LAPD with the history that it has that it isn't rampant with racism and corruption is fantasy. What I think happened is that Dorner reported abuse and the person that he accused was protected and they chose to smear his name and destroy his career to make him an example. Yeah, he may have lost it or could it be that after following procedure and trying to go by the book to get justice only thing he got was "Just Us".

    In the end when you die only thing you have is your name and what is associated with it when people think of you. His name as well as his career is ruined. I think he is using the few options he feels he has to get that name back. I'm not saying what he is doing is right, but I can empathize. I also think others in LAPD can too since they have decided to reopen the investigation into Dorners firing.

    Personally, I don't think they'll ever capture him alive unless the investigation verdict changes.

    The lesson here is watch how you treat people because you never know how they'll react. Especially when they feel like their back is against the wall.
  13. DustyJacket

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    Regardless of whether he was telling the truth or not, he NEEDED to be fired.

    He obviously is not stable - I have gone through some (dung) in my life, and even have been so mad at a person my heart started running 100mph when he was near, but I NEVER was tempted to go shooting at anyone.

    on a different note:
    To add to this "domestic terrorist" thought, I wonder if he converted to a different religion-that-shall-not-be-named recently.....
  14. Stevekozak

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  15. Mayhem like Me

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    Edited out a lot ,but that last sentence is what separates weak people from strong.

    A strong leader makes sure you do the right thing regardless of how someone may feel.

    If we allowed non suitable people to stay in any job of trust we will fail.

    Seems to me like he had ample due process and was treated with dignity and impartiality.

    He chose this path.
  16. Maybe the investigation was 'reopened' as a tactic to calm him down and gain time?
  18. skorper

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    I can see this turning into a fanboy fest in short order.
  19. You could be right. I am just saying that with LAPD and other law enforcement agencies history of abuse and corruption how come LAPD gets a pass? I do believe that this could have all been prevented if someone had've looked into this outside of LAPD.

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