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Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RussP, Feb 7, 2013.

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  2. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    LMAO :rofl:

    I need the chuckles. Thanks.:supergrin:

  3. There is no point in arguing with Cop-bashers. If any officer on this forum had made one-half the excuses for Dorner's behavior that the cop-bashers have, then the cop-bashers would scream that "their making excuses for one of their own".
    The first line on the Cop-bashers psychological profile would read,

    "Subject is insecure and has a pathological dislike for anyone they perceive as an authority figure and will reflexively place themselves in an oppositional position regardless of the issue"

    That is all there is to it.
  4. RussP


    Folks, I've asked that this thread be closed.

    If there is a specific topic about the events surrounding Dorner you want to discuss, please start a thread specific to your topic.

  5. RussP


  6. "Speculations had been mounting over whether police had purposely started a fire to smoke out the suspect, but San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon told reporters Wednesday his deputies did not intentionally burn down the mountain.
    McMahon said deputies shot pyrotechnic tear gas into the cabin and it erupted in flames. He says the tactic was intended to drive Dorner out, but it was not their intention to set the cabin on fire. McMahon did not say directly that the tear gas started the blaze and the cause of the fire remained unclear." :upeyes:

    Here we go.. he said she said. Who cares what happened, just come clean about it. The POS is gone. I remember a similar fire situation like this a while ago in... where was it... oh yeah, Waco, TX.
  7. Could be Rambro started a fire and then offed himself like a chump too.

    I imagine there are going to be fire investigators crawling all over it soon with an official verdict.
  8. lawman800

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    Oh boy... while you are at it, why not throw out some other "impartial" organizations like the NAACP, SPLC, UAW, NFL, UFO, PLO, UNICEF, and HMO?

    NLRB? Do you even know who they are and what they do? PERB would be closer, but even then, it would be totally irrelevant.

    Wouldn't make for delicious hotdogs...

    What history would that be? One of the finest law enforcement agencies in the world with an international standing very few can rival? What do you know about the LAPD other than what you have heard in the news?

    Yep, he ain't right for the job and now he's done. Good riddance to bad trash. May the Devil have no mercy on his wretched soul.

    Which is why I am as good as I am. (no shame)

    I heard he didn't stop smoking for a long time... and it took quite a few hours for the heat to subside.:whistling:
  9. I could go for a Dorner kabab right about now.

  10. Hey, Everyone lookie here.

    Find the poster that said that someone would "Wacoize" this. We have a winner.

    Whether or not you meant to I will just bet this fuels a rehash of that case by the conspiracy nuts.
  11. From limited info that I have, it sounds like he knew what was in store for him. A shootout, and subsequent death. (guess what, that is what happens, and he wasn't stupid). If he wanted to live, he'd have had to drive straight south and cross the border. Probably, wouldn't have been tough

    He was a murderer and cop-killer, and got what was coming. The police saying they didn't mean to light the cabin on fire is kind of irrelevant, but they may get into some trouble for that (basically execution). Bullets would have worked just as well, and maybe been easier to justify.

    Sadly, this event will end up in the courts, being discussed for long periods of time, and lawyers making millions (most of it from taxpayers). In China, they take the bad guys out back and shoot 'em. Case closed. (Really, at least in smaller cities)
  12. I suppose the San Bernadino sheriff's office shouldn't have fired gas into the cabin. Maybe they should have let Dorner escape instead, so he could ambush and murder some more innocent people.
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    I get so tired of the fire in Waco being brought up. It never even happened in Waco. It happened in a little community named Elk.
  14. Yeah, that's all part of the conspiracy and coverup.
  15. Dragoon44

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    But..but.....but..... they didn't even offer him an incentive to surrender, like some fresh baked cookies or something!

  16. volsbear

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    I dunno....preserving one's life is kind of an incentive.
  17. It must be true then, they posted it on the internet and the bastion of truth youtube.
  18. Mayhem like Me

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    I have it on good authority they offered some left over thin mints....he felt it was racial.
  19. volsbear

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    Rice crispies would have been more appropriate.

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