Thoughts on surplus GI mags?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by bigmoney890, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. What are your guys thoughts on used surplus GI magazines? For those of you who don't like them, at what price would you consider buying some? And for those who love them, what do you usually pay for them?

    Just bought a 3 pack for $20 at one of the copious local military surplus shops, and i figured at 7 bucks a piece including taxes, it can't hurt to stock up. Not a great deal, but better than spending twice as much online for new aluminum/steel mags.

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  2. I've used them for years and as long as the spring and follower are good the unit is GTG.

    That said, I've had the best luck with C-Products brand (black teflon coated) at about $10 each. AIM Surplus has quality aluminum mags. Stay away from any AR magazine (metal or plastic) made by USA Brand/ProMag/Thermold as they are generally junk.

    While I do own and use a number of Magpul Pmags, their torture-testing is pretty unrealisitc for those of us in a non-combat world.

  3. I've heard this in the past few months, but the $200 for 50 mags from CDNN is just soooo tempting. So while on their site today ordering some Glock magazines, I added a thermold 20 round mag in my cart. Gonna take it to the range a few times and test it out. If it's gtg, ill buy the 50 pack, if it doesn't, I only wasted $4.96 on the one mag.
  4. Used USGI are fine. As long as they aren’t too used. Inspect the whole mag, spine, feed lips, base plate for dents or cracks. I run MagPul followers in all my USGI’s.

  5. Looking into followers right now, they all checked out fine at the store. Once I got home I checked all of them in my gun, all seated fine, dropped free, locked back when empty, and all of them feed fine. I'll probably order some magpul followers in a few weeks and continue to pick up a 3 pack every time I go into town.
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    I have had good luck with Brownells new production GI mags. This is the first 10/$99 pack I bought and installed Magpul followers on. TBH I have a slight distrust for used aluminum magazines. I never bought any, 5 I have gotten in trade deals over the years all have turned out to be trash. No NIW aluminum mag I bought has given me any problems whatsoever.

  7. At $10 ea. plus $2 per mag for magpul followers i'd rather just buy pmags.

    But these mags will be just in case a ban goes into effect and for range use. For any classes I'll be using PMAGs, and my gun will be kept loaded with a PMAG for home defense as well
  8. faawrenchbndr

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    Avoid CProducts...........they went don hill flyer Larry C sold the company.
    I REALLY like Colt 20 round mags. Mil-surp are good mags.
    Brownells normal have some for around $11 each
  9. My CP have been flawless (albiet 3-4 years old)...made somewhere in CT....who took over the company?
  10. Also inspect the # of weld dimples on the spine....most quality 30-round aluminum mags have no less than proably 6/7 or so. More is probably better than less in this regard. Some Korean (I think) versions I've seen had as little as three (probably not good).
  11. faawrenchbndr

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    Larry sold about two years ago,........quality went to crap,
    orders that were paid for were never filled, a general nightmare.
    Search ARFcom or M4Carbie
  12. Nothing wrong w/ GIs. I still use some of the ones I found in a MRE case sitting in the garbage dumpster.
  13. Keep in mind, Colt-marked aluminum magazines are made by contractors such as Labelle and Circle-K (both good), to not so good such as Sanchez and Cooper Industries (and I'm sure maybe some others). Not bashing Colt at all, but they haven't made their own mags in many, many years.
  14. That sucks, I didn't know that. Thankfully, there are still some good aluminum GI makers out there.
  15. All said, I have a 20-rounder from VN that has very little finish left, a silver metal follower and a 40+ year old spring that is still reliable. I guess everything is relative.
  16. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Very true,......however, I've ever been let down by a straight twenty
    rounder with an alloy follower. :supergrin:
  17. Funny, faaw, I just posted about the exact same type of mag with no issues...Ha!
  18. I think we can all agree that quality AR mags (metal or synthetic) are out there and available for a reasonable price. I think $10-12 bucks for a quality GI mag magazine is still a bargain.

    I don't know how many of you guys lived thru Clinton's AWB (Sept 94/Sept 2004) but prices were insane and I will NEVER be held hostage like that again!
  19. faawrenchbndr

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    I fired the M16 for the first time in 1985. Bought my 1st AR in
    1989. Been there,.....dealt with that. :whistling:
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    I have used pretty much nothing but GI magazines for the last decade. My guns don't really prefer one contractor over another, as I have never had a problem with any of them. I think 10 bucks or less for a used but good shape magazine isn't that bad. I wouldn't pay more than that normally.

    I also have a dozen or so Brownells magazines and the couple I have tested have been 100% reliable. I have recently started buying Pmags and while I have again about a dozen of them. I have yet to try them out.
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