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Discussion in 'Religious Issues' started by ArtificialGrape, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Mostly an FYI and placeholder for a later discussion, but since I have over 1.5 hours of commuting weekdays through next Friday I just started listening to the Mere Christianity audio book. Audio is never ideal since I try to keep my 80 mph note taking to a minimum, but I will be back with my thoughts, probably by Monday.

    BTW, not my favorite narrator of the audio books that I've listened to.


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  2. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    I'll be interested to see what you think.

  3. I pretty much like anything written by CS Lewis.
  4. That's unfortunate about the narrator. "Mere Christianity" actually started as a series of radio addresses Lewis made on the B.B.C. during WWII, and his voice was quite pleasant.
  5. Good Idea AG.

    I have never read it.

    I was raised on "Evedence that Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell.

    I'm stumling through an interesting one now, called "The kindom of Heaven is Within you" by Leo Tolstoi.

    His work is a far cry from sectarian Christainity.
  6. Tilley

    Tilley Man of Steel

    I've read the book maybe three times, and always find new insight. Not all of God's inspired words are in the Bible.

    Another book you must read is "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran. You will not regret it.
  7. NorthCarolinaLiberty

    NorthCarolinaLiberty MentalDefective

    I thought it was interesting how Lewis compared some people's skewed views of sex with skewed views of food. He was making a point of how perverted things would be if people categorized their food that same way they categorized--say, a stripper. He said something about how odd it would be if we would obsessively drool over food the way some drool over that stripper.

    I guess it was a different time. I wonder if Lewis would make that same non-comparison today, considering things like TV commercials. Viewers today drool over food that they spend a lot of their time trying to avoid.
  8. I was planning to wait until I finished the book before commenting, but I have to say, the mutton chop striptease was hilarious.
  9. NorthCarolinaLiberty

    NorthCarolinaLiberty MentalDefective


    Ha ha, it's been years since reading that, so I forgot about the mutton.

    If I remember right, Lewis spends too much time talking about marriage,considering that he was never married.

    If you want to read more apologetics and like suggestions, then consider Hans Kung (he's sort of beyond me, though). Even basic encyclopedias on religion at the library do a comprehensive job of covering some of those philosophical arguments.
  10. It's an excellent book. I think Lewis makes some leaps of logic that aren't justified, but overall, it's worthwhile. He makes the case that pride is the worst sin one can commit. It's worth reading for that. I think "The Great Divorce" by Lewis is better.
  11. Tilley

    Tilley Man of Steel

    I loved the analogy how people in hell are purposely holding on to the chains of sin, and how all they have to do is merely "let go" of the chains...but they never will.

    Another awesome book.
  12. Lewis actually was married, but late in life at age 58 in 1956, to Joy Gresham, who died of cancer four years after they married. His reflections on her death were, IIRC, the source of his book "A Grief Observed." He also admits in "Mere Christianity" that he had never been married at that point.

  13. NorthCarolinaLiberty

    NorthCarolinaLiberty MentalDefective

    Ah, thanks. I never knew he was married in later life.
  14. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    See the movie "Shadowlands" and the book "And God Came In" by Lyle Dorsett about his relationship with Joy Gresham.

    Here is the inscription on Joy's headstone, written by Lewis:

    "Here the whole world (stars, water, air,
    And field, and forest, as they were
    Reflected in a single mind)
    Like cast off clothes was left behind
    In ashes, yet with hope that she,
    Re-born from holy poverty,
    In lenten lands, hereafter may
    Resume them on her Easter Day."
  15. Tilley

    Tilley Man of Steel

  16. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    As we see on this forum, men will give up their rationality before they give up their rebellion against God.
  17. I did make it through the end of the audio book today, but it may take me another day or so to review my voice memos and napkin notes.
  18. And what about the man who continually complains about the people in Heaven who are less deserving than him? How many of those are in this forum?
  19. Paul7

    Paul7 New Guy

    None, that I know of.
  20. I don't think that we can rebel against God.

    The All Mighty.

    No.......we rebel against doctirne and dogma.
    When we live according to the flesh we harm ourselves. We in no way harm God.

    You can't fight can fight a concept.

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