This Year's 18-can Mountain House Kit is Now Available and On Sale!

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    We're now offering a very limited number of 3-case variety packs of Mountain House foods.

    We do this just once a year and these kits get scooped up quickly, so move fast if you would like to add a quick, affordable dose of big variety to your larder. These kits consist of 18 #10 cans of some of the most popular Mountain House varieties ... 18 different varieties ... at a 10% discount!

    Order now and these 3-case kits will ship to you from our Safecastle warehouse the week of October 28.

    For more, see today's member email.

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    Bega Cheese and Red Feather Butter On Sale

    Our distributor for the world-famous canned Red Feather Butter and Bega Cheese is offering us a special discount for a short time on those products. Get them today at a member-discount and sale price that can't be beat!

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