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Thinking of trading K40 covert for P40

Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by dochawg, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. dochawg


    Feb 1, 2010
    I really like my k40 covert, but I think I would love it if I had the polymer frame or possibly even going with walther PPS. Any thougts?? Go easy on me about the walther coment please.

  2. Linux3


    Dec 31, 2008
    Just me but I find the PPS kind of funny looking.
    I have a P45 and a P9 and I'm sure there are folks who find them funny looking too.

    I like the P45 and I assume the P40 would be close. I don't use it for range time, even with a Hogue Handall Jr. it's not the most fun to shoot but it is a hoot at times. I do like the weight of the P45 and it's easy to carry even with a bigger grip than the Covert.

    For carry I would think the P40 would be easier than the K40 but the steel frame of the Covert night be easier to shoot well.

  3. ltxi


    Jun 20, 2009
    Parker, Colorado
    Personally, I'd stick with the steel frame for the 40. I have no problem with 9mm or .45ACP in small, lightweight guns, but find .40 S&W with its high, sharp pressure curve unmanageable in anything smaller or lighter than a anything other than slow fire, anyway.

    Not a novice or recoil sensitive, either, btw.
  4. AZ Traveler

    AZ Traveler

    Oct 22, 2004
    Charlotte, NC.
    My First Kahr was a K40 Covert. Unfortunately it had a cracked frame. Kahr replaced it with a MK40. The K40 Covert was a sweet shooter. The MK40 was more of a handful, but not unmanageable. After carrying the MK40 for awhile, I decided I wanted something lighter to carry, I bought a P40 Covert. The MK40 became a safe queen. After several years of rarely shooting the MK40, I sold it to a friend as his first concealed carry piece and first handgun.

    I found the P40 Covert shoots about like the MK40. If I were to find a K40 Covert at the right price, I would consider picking one up. Right price for me is about $400 to 450.

    That being said are you aware the K40 Covert was very limited production. It has been reported that fewer then 150 were produced. The K40 Covert was a Transitional piece. It was Kahr's first attempt at a more concealable handgun. It was produced until the MK40 was perfected. Once the MK40 was perfected the K40 Covert was discontinued.

    Both the K40 Covert and MK40 were out before Kahr produced the Polymer frame Kahrs. Because of this the K40 Covert (and early MK40's) do not have the Elite Trigger. Once Kahr introduced the Polymer frame Kahrs, they made the decision to put the Elite Trigger in all Kahrs, Steel Framed and Polymer Frame. This continued until, I believe, mid-2005 when Kahr introduced the K9 with the NYCPD trigger. The NYCPD trigger is the old non-Elite trigger.

    If I still had the K40 Covert, I doubt that I would looked at the P40 Covert.

    FYI - Kahr no longer sells the P40 Covert, but you can make one yourself by cutting off the frame. After all that is what Kahr did.