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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by blk88, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. A proper holster, one with adequate primary retention and a protected triggerguard, carried inside the waistband, will keep the pistol safe when you are awake, and a proper safe, designed for quick-access in the dark without a key, along with a proper travel safe for your automobile and suitcase (for those times when - by law - you must be disarmed), will keep your son safe until the day when he's old enough to meet Eddie Eagle.

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  2. What is The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program?

  3. I don't advocate carrying chamber-empty but for some circumstances it may be a good idea, especially if reholstering is nerve-racking.
  4. Steve -

    I see this as very hard to calculate and compare. That said, I agree with you that the summed up odds of an accident that knocks him out and the toddler getting to his pistol and hurting himself would be far less than the summed odds of a robbery that hurts/kills the OP or kills his son.

    blk88 -

    the short of it is that a trained and armed daddy who is prepared to protect his son from a crack-whacked mugger is more safe than the associated risk of the kid getting hurt with your gun.

    And what about a home invasion robbery? A meth-head is a risk to your child and your wife and you. (Growing up without a mom and pop is not good for him either.) You will need one of those small secure-but-quick-access pistol containers that have been mentioned, of course.

    You've been thinking this out, and that is an indication that you will keep to securing your gun like white on rice.

    Just my opinion for you to consider in your decision. Good luck, and may you never have cause to fire your gun for defense!
  5. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Carry Cond III, no round in the chamber. The child is not strong enough to rack the slide, but you are. :cool:
  6. But but but Eddie is just a way the evil gun companies want to get children interested in guns and buy guns when they get older!!!!

    He's just like Joe Camel!!!1!!11!!!1!!11!!eleven!!1!!

    Gaaaaaah!!! Cop-killer bullets! And 911! Guns can go off without warning!!! Gaaaah!
  7. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    And your 2 year old can draw your gun from the holster? Seems doubtful. If you can't keep your gun concealed and holstered around a 2-year-old, what chance do you have of retaining it around the average teenage gangsta that wants a new gun?
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  8. blk88


    Thanks for all the great responses! This is exactly what I was looking for.I'm new to CCW and am just reaching out for info before I start to get myprospective and expectations of carrying with kids. I enjoy Jeeps and the Jeepcommunity is awesome when you reach out. People are more than willing to share.As I make firearms a larger part of my life I'm already seeing it happen in thefirearm community. I really appreciate all the responses. I’ll be stickingaround GT for sure! As soon as time permits I would like to get involved withIDPA solely for personal education and firearm handling proficiencies…and itseems like fun with great people. Again,thanks and if there are more out that that want to comment on the topic I’dlove to hear more. I like to collectinfo prior to jumping in feet first when it comes to important and newdecisions.
  9. blk88

    Not worried about my son drawing the piece. Just worried about the constant inquisitiveness and looking to see if other had similar experiences.
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  10. No, but I'm sure there are stats are out there to show falling down and getting knocked out is more common than getting in a quick draw gun fight.

    Also add heart attacks and stuff like that to the situation.

    For me you can add horses and skiing. Also stairs :) Baseball and bike riding too.

    Like I said, lots of days in the year. Lots of play time for a dad and his son. Oh yeah, don't forget about a double knee drop to the head during rough housing.
  11. Trigger pull is 1 step, racking the slide takes additional education, strength, and skill.

    Not an excuse to be careless, but the extra step could be important.

    Pluses and minuses apply as usual :)
  12. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    It has already been shown on national television that the NRA'S, 'Eddie Eagle Program' frequently does not work. It might make us, as NRA members, feel good; but children can't be trusted to either leave guns strictly alone, or to follow the other directions.

    (Sorry! Don't kill the messenger.) :dunno:
  13. Maybe by the time he gets dangerous (teenager) he will be ok around you with a concealed weapon. Good luck. If you are apprehensive, first carry the Glock without one in the chamber just to see how the kid responds.
  14. Teach your children not to touch was not theirs, especially guns, mine never did but it was a different times when I could slap the s&#T out of her if she did.

  15. Pretty much this.

    I have 4 kids (12,9,3,2). Both my wife and I carry everyday (we both use CBST holsters). My kids know that we carry and don't think anything about it. The two oldest go shooting regularly. The two youngest have 0 curiosity as they have always been exposed to them. They have been taught not to touch just the same way as they won't touch a hot stove. I'm sure that will change a bit as the get older and that is when they will learn to shoot.
    I carry c 1 anytime the gun is on my person. At night the c 1 gun goes in the safe and our bed side guns are in c 3.
    Start teaching now and you will reduce potential problems later.
  16. I let my son handle a gun anytime he asked. But then made him wash his hands afterwards.

    Eventyually, I'd say wanna hold this neat new cool gun? He'd say, "will I have to wash my hands?" I'd say yes. Then he'd say "no thanks".

  17. blk88

    Once I get my holster (leaning to a White Hat MaxTuck IWB) I will probably carry without my son around to get that "everyone knows I have a gun on me and is looking at me" feeling over with. Then bring him in the picture and do as most have commented on,working with him to teach him not to touch it. Similar to a floor fan we havein the house I guess. He loved standing in front of it with his hands on it. With work,he now walks around it with his hands up. I really look forward to the day wecan shoot together. I have a Winchester .243 rifle my father gave me when I gotmy Eagle Scout. I'm holding on to it to pass it to my son when he's ready.

    Also, since this will be my first time carrying I'll most likely carry C 3until after I get some classes under my belt and feel comfortable witheverything. The Gun Valut should be here today.

    It's a strangle feeling, feeling the desire to start carrying as a middleaged adult. It isn't fear that has made me make these decision, rather thefeeling to be proactive should a situation occur and have the ability to defendmy family if needed. On the flip side I'm totally excited to take classes and reallylearn how to use my 23 the way it was intended.
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  18. I don't have a kid and have not read this book, but Massad Ayoob has a book called "Gunproofing your Children". I suspect this may be a useful book, and I'll probably get it when the time comes.
  19. Keep it concealed on your body (in a proper holster) or locked up (in a proper safe). Always.
    Don't talk about it. Ever.
    He won't know.

    When he's older, old enough to understand Eddie Eagle, you can teach gun safety to him then.
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  20. Seriously? Did I miss the sarcasm in this post? He WILL know and he WILL be curious and he WILL try to check it out as soon as he can.

    Make it as common as your keys and he won't even look twice.

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