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  1. I have a 450, two 550s, a 650 and a 1050. You are wrong about the 1050. That machine makes ammo in a heck of a hurry. I have it set up for .45 ACP and will probably never change it. Mostly because caliber changes are EXPENSIVE. But one thing you got right, that machine is a manufacturing plant. It is magnificent!

    It always comes down to equipment cost versus proposed volume. The 200 round per month shooter need not apply! The second factor is "how much do you like reloading?". Some machines, like the LCT, let you enjoy it a LOT LONGER! In my view, speed is good - let's get this over with...

    There's no secret about the pricing. To Dillon 550 and 650 prices, you have to add dies ($64) but you already have Lee dies so the 550 costs just what it says it does on the website. Personally, I would ditch the Lee FCD and buy a real Taper Crimp Die (even a Lee) - $25 at Dillon, less everywhere else. Then you can decide whether the spiffy strongmount and bullet tray make sense (they absolutely DO) and whether or not you want an upgraded handle (I haven't bought those).

    You can order through and save all of the shipping. Your order will take an extra day but you save $30-$40. Your choice...

    I can't say anything about the SDB, I don't have one. I would be mightly concerned about the proprietary dies - it limits the future.

    In one of their manuals, Dillon recommends 0.020" flare. That's kind of a lot but it works well for lead bullets. Hey, it's a number, at least we have something solid to discuss.


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  2. All you need for a 550 is a set of dies and the press. If you own the dies just order the press from Brian Enos and you get the caliber conversion. Your done. $439.95

    SDB comes with proprietary dies. That is why a lot of us dont like it. Price with dies is 379.95.

    So you save $60 going with the SDB if you already own dies for your chosen caliber. Otherwise about $40 gets you some Lee dies. Don't buy the 4 die set. Get the Deluxe three die set and add a taper crimp die. That is MY preference and you did ask for advice.

  3. I was talking to the lady behind the counter at the range today and she mentioned that she was starting to reload 9mm. Unfortunately, she is waiting on dies because she bought a used SDB. She has no choice but to wait even if some other brand is in stock somewhere. Heck, I could give her a left over set of dies - for a normal press.

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  4. I'm the odd man out here. I have a 550 with the case feeder. I like the 550 much more now that cases are loaded automatically.
    Yes, I sometimes have a case that does not get pushed all the way in for primer seating-I have the .45 acp and the .45 Colt case feeder conversions- ( I deprime and resize off press, I prefer to do it that way). But its easy to feel when the case didn't get all the way in and a gentle push puts it in place.
    Doing this allows me to concentrate on the seating stage, so I am always looking at the case with its powder charge.
    As our friend Jack has stated before, anything that reduces hand movement is a good thing.
    And anything that makes me concentrate on the seating stage is a good thing.
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    Buy what ever you want. I wouldn't buy the square deal because it is tiny and I have big fat fingers. A coworker has one and I didn't like it. Of course I have been using the Dillon 550 and 650 So that is what I am used to.

    When I bought my first 550 I was going to get the square deal as it is cheaper and I only intended to load 40 sw. Next thing you know I bought a 9mm. Blink twice and I added 223 to the mix. Had I bought the square deal I would not have been able to reload for my 223, 30-30, 30-06. So I would suggest to look hard at the 550 first. But if you are sure you are only going to reload the 9mm then the square deal could be the best answer but I doubt it.
  6. Plans change!

    I never expected to load .40 S&W. I saw no earthly reason to get involved in that cartridge since I shoot .45 ACP. Well, my wife bought her surplus duty weapon and here we are. Not only that, she has two new P229 Elites on order. We're going to be knee deep in .40 S&W. Plans change...

    There was a time when .308 and .223 (5.56) surplus ammo was pretty cheap, perhaps even cheaper than reloading. Not any more! Now the stuff is around $1 a shot. Of course I want to load rifle!

    I too would go for the 550 over the SDB. You just never know what's coming up next.

  7. FiremanMike

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    You all make good points. I bought the LCT because it was cheaper and I'd upgrade later. Why should I go for the cheapest option again. While I am turned on by the perceived speed of the SDB, I suppose the versatility of the 550 is better. Plus I like the FCD, so there!
  8. sdb is no faster then a 550.
  9. Some people like things that suck. You will learn with time. Enjoy the journey.
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    There's a barebones 550 that's only $250ish, is the RL550b worth the extra $200?
  11. Yes, because the 550BL doesn't have a primer system, powder measure, It only loads one case at a time. It's not a progressive press. More of a Turret Press.
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    Buy from Brian enos or direct from dillon? Why?
  13. Free shipping over $400 from Brian. Support a Legend of the shooting sports and a great supporter of our shooting sports.
  14. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    As Steve said, there's no speed advantage of the SDB over the 550. If you want speed, get the 650 with casefeeder.

    It would be very helpful for you to find someone in your area that would let you get your hands on one of these... Any stores in the area that sell them? Friends? Neighbors? Countrymen...?
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    Yeah, I have friends with each.. Good idea..
  16. 550 takes a little time to become familiar with and be fast with it. Most people seat the bullet in station three after they index. Several of us here seat the bullet in station two before indexing as the ram is just reaching the bottom of its stroke just after powder drop. If you do that you can never double charge by pulling the handle twice. You also look in every case just as the powder is dropped. Its a great system once you get the hang of it. Also a little faster.
  17. :supergrin:
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    Ok, allow me to throw another wrench in the system.

    Hornady LNL AP..
  19. :wow::shocked::rofl::brickwall:
  20. Speed? Even Dillon doesn't believe that the SDB is faster than the 550.

    The difference in cost between the SDB and 550 is $60 (since dies are already at hand) and, since I save $14 per box of 50 .45 ACP, that comes out to about 4 boxes. By the time I have loaded those 4 boxes, I have recovered the difference.

    The LnL isn't as highly regarded around here as the Dillon stuff. I don't have a LnL but I have 3 Model 360 shotshell loaders and they always worked well. Not as well as my Ponsness Warrens but they made good ammo for trap and skeet.


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