Thinking of a Mi9nni-14.. is that 5.56 or .223

Discussion in 'Ruger Club' started by Skyhook, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Knowing there IS a difference, I was wondering how Ruger actually bored that rifle?

    Anyone know?

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  3. eb07

    eb07 Sharkin'

    minis are .223 /5.56 so they shoot both

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  4. Not necessarily true.. if one purchases a .223 thinking it will handle 5.56 NATO he/she may be in for a nasty surprise for the 5.56 will drive pressures to gun-disabling pressures if the chamber is bored for .223, right? It's a factor of 'free-bore'.. also called 'bullet jump', whatever, but some .223s will fail if 5.56 NATO is fired in them and some BBLS of past issue ARs, even, have been double-marked .223/5.56 while bored for .223.

    Perhaps I should just phone Ruger Monday...
    #3 Skyhook, Jun 7, 2013
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  5. It may depend on when the Mini 14 was made. IIRC, the early ones were .223, and sometime later Ruger went to the Wylde chamber, which handles .223 and 5.56. Have the serial number handy and call Ruger. The answer matters.
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  6. My Mini-14 was manufactured in 1999 and the manual says both the .223 and 5.56 can be used. The only Mini-14 of which I am aware that can not handle both is the Target Mini which is chambered for only the .223.

  7. I think a call to Ruger Monday is a wise move. The gun I am thinking of picking up is new..


  8. What triggered the discussion and my question was the fact some ranges have experienced broken firearms which were firing NATO 5.56 even though those weapons were labelled .223/5.56.
    I know someone makes a gauge which is simply a machined item that one places into the chamber which will tell immediately whether or nor that chamber is 5.56.
  9. Your yet to be purchased Ruger will have no issue with either .223 or 5.56. The cases are identical for all practical purposes. If, and this is a big "if", a gun has a tight .223 chamber, and the 5.56 round has a thicker than usual neck, then you might experience about a 5% increase in pressure. Primers can pop out under those conditions. Obviously, a person ought not fire 5.56 in such a rifle.

    Really, just consider this, would the company that puts a written warning on its firearms to read the manual first try and mislead you by saying, yeah, you can shoot either .223 or 5.56mm in our Mini-14s?

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