Thinking G19 Gen4 BUT are they finally all fixed from issues?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by MGman, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Thinking about a G19 Gen4. But are all the issues fixed now with current parts? (ie RSA, extractor, ejector)

    What part numbers are the latest and greatest for the G19 Gen4?

    What is the best serial number prefix to look for to buy a correctly up to date G19 gen4?

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  3. JAS104

    JAS104 NRA Life Member

    Mines perfectly fine... Bought it NIB last April. 1600 rounds later still no issues. RXVXXX serial

    ETA... Make sure it's got the 0-4-3 RSA

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  4. By now you should be good to go as long as the production date is fairly recent. They really are great guns! I have a Gen 4 17 and love that pistol. I don't use any of the backstraps and it fits my hand so nice! I wear a size large glove. I will say that the trigger pull on my Gen 3 19 is a bit lighter though.
  5. Maybe not...

    Here is a Gen 3 thread for an April 2013 gun:

    Late model Gen 3s and Gen 4s share the same problems.

    I don't think I see as many problems with the .40s. Why not search the forum or post another thread asking specifically about the .40s. Sure, the 9mm is easier to shoot and perhaps ammo is a little less costly but a number of users are really frustrated with the 9mm guns.


  6. I don't want a .40. I'm only sticking to 9mm and 45. Anyone else have a very newly made G19 gen4? (perhaps made in May 2013?) What is your serial number prefix?
  7. It's still a gamble. Not every new Glock has BTF issues, only some in a random order. That's why serial numbers don't tell you anything about BTF issues. Every new gen4 in 9mm and .40 test fired after ~February 2012 has the newest recoil spring and ejector. You need to go by the test firing date (small orange envelope in Glock case with two shell casings in it) if you want a recently made one.
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  8. My G19 Gen 4 is about a month old. I love it.

    No btf but a couple off the bean and a few off the right arm. No big deal AFAIC. Not even a distraction. In my case it happened with high quality reloads which I'd guess were underpowered. No problems with new.
  9. I've had mine less than a week. No BTF so far. 100% so far. Wasn't crazy about the flat phosphate, but it's starting to look better with repeated oil applications as with anything that's parkerized.

    My gen3 21 sometimes throws an empty at my hat. Sam
  10. That's why it is good to do the research and be an informed consumer. And no snivelling if it goes sideways because you knew going in that it was a gamble; somebody loses every once in awhile.

    I waited 2 years before I bought my G36 and I find that with full power ammo, everything works fine. But it was a gamble! And I still only have a couple of hundred rounds through it... Sometimes the issues don't show up until there's a thousand rounds or so through the gun.

    I'm still considering a G39 knowing full well that it would be another gamble. The difference being that there just isn't the sample size for the .45 GAP as there is with the 9mm guns.

    I wonder if I can shoot craps and 'pass' 3 times in a row?

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  11. When the first models came out in 2011, it had recoil spring, ejector problems and even some extraction issues. It took about a year, but by January of 2012, I think they corrected the main issues.
    I bought mine in January of 2012 with the corrected parts for the above problems. I have fired all types of loads without a single problem. The only slight noticible thing is that the brass ejects a little more erratically in direction with 115 grain loads, than with heavier loads, like 124g or 147g bullets that ejected at the 45 degree angle almost all the time.
  12. At my range this weekend a gentleman with 400 rounds through his brand new GEN3 G19 had his first round hit him in the face. It got caught between his glasses and burned him just below the eye. Another with a brand new GEN4 G19's first round out of the gun hit him in the forehead. S no their are still problems.
    Some run, some don't. Some are fixed with a little tweaking. Others won't run no matter what you do. like F106 said. You are taking a risk. Some run for awhile then have problems. But the newest ones are much better overall than a couple of years ago. Good luck.
  13. Ryobi

    Ryobi SummertimeRules

    Because they don't work if they're near a computer? Seriously agent/bill/bac are correct.
  14. The more forums I read the more I'm going to run. FAR away!

    Most BTF's occur after the 700-800 rd mark (from most posts I've read)

    Sorry Glock but going elsewhere. I don't want to have to pay more $$$ for an Apex part either.
    And I'm not a gambling man.

    Seems it's a crap shoot to get a working out of the box G19 gen4.

    Really sad.
  15. ACM73

    I seem to hear about less issues as of late. My 19 has been fine and a few others that I have personally seen have been fine. I've only heard of issues from people online, but then again, people are more likely to post about an issue than they are about a product working as expected.

  16. Gone mine this week direct from Glock. Test fire date is i June Serial # VFKxxx

    Fired about 300 rounds, no issues.
  17. If you can afford to run +P ammo only in it you MAY be just fine.
  18. bye....
  19. Eagle1

    Eagle1 Oh glockaholic!

    i just got one (test fire date 4/2013) and it shot 250 rounds just fine with both the new and older extractors that I swapped out/in for the test. I actually am confident that the gun will work just fine too...
  20. Just picked up a G19 Gen4....5/11/13 test

    Looks like they may have changed the extractor material. Will have to check it out.
  21. Bruce M


    The stuff that I have read about the G36 suggests that the few that have problems seem to have the problems from the start as opposed to others such as the G19 in which people have reported the first ~thousand rounds to be fine before "it" starts.

    I do not think I have heard anyone reporting any of the current issues with the G39 (from the dozen or so sold in the last couple years.:whistling:)

    I continue to be perplexed by the sporadic report of Glock replacing a gun. I wonder if they really cannot get it to work properly, or are afraid that the fix is to replace the slide and that might cause an avalanche, or are they simply trying to pacify a "difficult" customer.

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