Thinking about the use of drones in America

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Razorsharp, Feb 8, 2013.

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    You're welcome.

    I almost forgot:

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  2. Are you really accustomed to people jumping through your irrelevant hoops?

  3. RussP


    You left quite a few questions unanswered...

    So 13 out of how many thousands of warrants served in a 12 month period, that's your substantiation?
  4. RussP


    Those who do not answer usually have nothing to substantiate their opinions other than more unsubstantiated opinions.

    What is tough about saying how you would have answered your two "WTF" questions. The other two choices are in the questionnaire. Pick one of them.

    Unless there is not enough information to choose either of the remaining answers. In that case, just say there is not enough information.

    Right now the impression you're giving is that you don't know, but the cop has got to be in the wrong. Is that it?

    Help us understand your position.
  5. Well, I'll tell ya, I'm beginning to doubt your ability to understand. The point I was illustrating in the two "WTF" questions, was that, according to the dashcam video, "unknown" was the only answer to both questions. For one question to elicit "unknown", and the other to be responded to with a definitive "no", creates a puzzling dichotomy. I'm puzzled that you didn't recognize that. But then, you didn't recognize that Bren is not all that bright.
    No, the cop does not have to be in the wrong, but you take offense to any suggestion that LEOs are ever wrong, or for a mere civilian to make note of a pervasive mindset within the LEO community that may be a contributing factor, as revealed by the "spray and pray" action that resulted in the wounding of two women delivering newspapers in a truck with a few similarities to Dornan's truck. Your indignation is similiar to Muslims who are offended that they are viewed with a degree of suspicion not given to others while boarding passenger aircraft. Perhaps a little introspection is warranted.

    I am actually surprised that you revert to this. I have already illustrated how using your methodology, one can make the case that automobile fatalities are rare.

    What you seem to fail to understand is the public's perception. 13 instances within a 12 mo time frame is not all that much. But, when taking into consideration the price paid by the victims of those mistakes, those few occurences are enough to remove them from the "extremely rare" catagory. In fact, to dismiss them as "extremely rare" is offensive.
  6. RussP


    That effect on victims is why I said and said often in this thread:
    And, yes, one family's one event is to them a 100% occurrence rate.

    Yours is the emotional argument which is appealing to those more interested in promoting the outcries over the issue than finding out the causes and fixing the causes.

    "Hey, it's not my problem to fix," you might say. Okay, I guess that's fair in your world.
  7. I can see myself sitting on my porch using google street view, and if I enlarge it I can see one of the kids getting into the pool looking through the front window, through the house, and through the back window into the backyard. I'm not exactly a fan but I'm not real worried either.
  8. RussP


    In 2009 there were (rounded) 10,800,000 traffic accidents. Of those, 30,797 involved fatalities, 0.285%. [The 2012 Statistical Abstract - Transportation: Motor Vehicle Accidents and Fatalities] That is rare according to you.

    So, where under that number might the offensive "extremely rare" fall. Just asking for a reference point so I can get back with JBnTX.
  9. RussP


    I know I said they had benefit of the dashcam video. There were also eyewitnesses to the event. Might their testimony have influenced the unanimous "No" answer? Sorry, I thought you knew there were eyewitnesses, too.
  10. RussP


    Offense? No, not 99% of the time. There is that rare, extremely rare occasion when someone is so outrageously outrageous that it is offensive, but, then they offend Eric, too.

    If you were to take the time, make the effort, to read my posting history you'll find I have no tolerance for errors made by LE. I have even less tolerance than you do.
    "...make note of a pervasive mindset within the LEO community..." Interesting that you say the actions of 6 police officers illustrates a pervasive mindset, a mindset spreading widely throughout the law enforcement community. You use one incident to broadly condemn all of LE. Very telling...
    I quote that simply for the record...
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  11. Yes, you referenced the dashcam video in your question, so, to now add eyewitness testimony to the equation, is what's known as moving the goalposts. That is a less-than-honest method of debate.

    Yes, I did know there was at least one eyewitness, she was momentarily in the video, then you could hear her say to the officer, "Why did you do that, he wasn't doing anything."

    Here's another dashcam video.
    [ame=""]Second Dashcam Video John T Williams Backup Arrives Too Late - YouTube[/ame]

    All I can say is, "Good Lord in Heaven."

    But hey, it gave some of the other officers an opportunity to draw their sidearms too.

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