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Thinking about starting an Annual Shoot in SD

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by MrM4, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. MrM4


    Apr 9, 2006
    Due to the Groton, SD shot not happening ( now that I finally bought a MG) I'm starting to wonder how much interest there would be to hold something simulare on the West side of South Dakota.

    Basically: Would you attend a MG / Fun Shot in Western SD?

    Timing would be some where around September- October. The range would be around 3/4 mile long, all NFA welcome , - minus explosives ( RPGS, 203's, Artillery), it way to dry here in the fall to shot that stuff. Regular Title 1 firearms would be welcome as well of course handguns/ rifles / shotguns / .50's.

    Target would be stuff like Car bodys, plywood cut out targets, barrles, and some steel targets. Pay a small fee for the postion or per shooter and make a day of it. What do you guys think?

    We have the land and a interest in doing it but the biggest shoots we have done were only about 10-20 people, just local guys. I am affraid we could be in over our heads, we already have the inshurance and the private property set up as a range. But it depends on how much interest there would be and if its something that we can do with out breaking the bank. With fuel being the way it is I wonder if people are willing to make the trip?
    Like I said we have the bussiness end handled but how much interest would there be?
    Any issues, related to holding a "larger" shot that you guys want to bring to light?

    Any input would be helpful.
  2. sdglock22


    Jul 30, 2008
    Whitewood SD
    Hello, I'm fairly new to this forum and just found this thread. I think this would be a wonderful idea and had I found it sooner I would have come in Sept.:crying:.

    Any chance this could become a GSSF event? Might bring in some more interest.

  3. jergar999


    Sep 23, 2007
    Rapid City, SD
    If something got put together I might be able to come out. I'm in Rapid.
  4. glock2619

    glock2619 Work in Progres

    Jan 18, 2006
    Rapid City, SD
    I would be down with a shoot!

    We will be moving back to Rapid in May. I would be willing to do some sort of a shoot.

    Keep me posted.

    We might need to give this forum a bit of a jump start.