Thinking about selling all my 9's

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by MLittle, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Good pick. Nice pistol, IMO.

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  2. Agree.

  3. I love the .45 ACP especially a 1911.
    I will never be without a 9mm of some sort or another though.
    Lots of great carry guns in 9mm. Ammo is cheap (in comparison)and plentiful.
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  4. sell three of the and buy the best pistol out the a G20 100 you will not be sorry. reload yourself
  5. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member

    I'm serious!!!

    I passed on a 6906 several years ago, when Maryland still allowed FTF sales.
    A guy at my sportsman's club had it, and needed some $$$.
    My daughter's step-dad wound up buying it, and qualified with a higher score, than he did with his issued 92FS!

    If that 6906 is in good shape, I've got cash.:supergrin:

  6. You know.....I really didn't pay that much for the 6906, I'm not the original owner. I got it as a LE trade-in over on Gunsamerica. I believe it was manufactured in 1990. I've only shot it 3 times. It's very accurate and believe it or not.....the da/sa trigger is better than any of my Sigs. There are a couple of negatives didn't come with night sights and it's virtually impossible to find a holster for it any more. I did buy 4 extra magazines with it, but I believe you can still buy them new from SW. Of my 4 9's, the only one I'm sure I'm going to sell is the CZ75D Compact. I just don't like the da/sa trigger on it....not near as good as the 6906 or any of my Sigs. But seriously, go check over on Gunsamerica, when I bought mine there were 30-40 for sale.

  7. Probably won't happen...... My Glocks have all been very reliable, but they are my least favorite pistols. I've come to love all metal handguns. In fact, my two Glocks are the only polymer guns in my collection.
  8. You are not nuts but I'm a little biased as I did the same thing.
    I did keep one 9mm but that was because it is a collector piece my Walther P88.
    I now only have my .45's and am happy with it.

  9. Yep....I've just about decided to sell all but the Sig P226. It was the first pistol I ever bought and I have other Sigs to keep it company. One big happy family! Then, I'll have room for my new 1911 coming in the Spring from Ed Brown.
  10. No, you're not nuts, ask anyone if they could only have one handgun, what would it be.
  11. PhotoFeller

    Silver Member

    Sounds to me like you've found your way to a good solution.

    The guns I have today are ones that will hold value or appreciate over time (better than money in the bank), the ones I carry most comfortably and/or just like to shoot, and a few that have sentimental value.

    I've sold a few out of necessity (college tuition) and some because I had the hots for something different. I've regretted selling some, but not so much the others.

    Generally speaking, I know in my gut which guns I really wouldn't want to part with. If your gut says sell all the 9s except for the Sig, your first pistol, that's the way to go. You know what they say...the first one will always be special.
  12. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    I understand as I've never owned a 9mm.
  13. I'd keep em.

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