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Thinking about selling all my 9's

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by MLittle, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. I'm actually in the same situation as you. I have three pistols that I'm considering selling to fund my first AR rifle. I'm thinking of selling a Glock 26, SIG P229, and a Springfield XDs - all of which are spending more time in the safe than at the range.
  2. Dawolf


    Sep 18, 2010
    I sold all of mine, but one, a Nano (technically my brother-in-law is just borrowing my 19). Mostly have 45's and 2 .357 Sigs. Did just sell my last .40 and bought a Mossberg brush gun.

  3. Aside from being crazy for selling any guns at all, I question taking the 26 out of your carry line up.

    Unless you are one of those guys who has problems shooting Glocks, the 26 has got to be the best carry gun made.

    10+1 rounds, reliable, and very accurate. A bit chubby, but for it's overall small size no other gun is going to give you that many good defensive rounds on target as quickly as the 26.

    Name an 11 round gun as small, as reliable, and as effective as the 26. It's closest competitor is the 27 :)
  4. JaPes

    JaPes Rimfire 1010101

    Aug 21, 2010
    NW Burbs, IL
    Life is short. If selling/trading your 9mm's will make you happy, do it. Use the money to buy more ammo, or another .45 ACP.
  5. Travelin' Jack

    Travelin' Jack Misinformed

    Jul 20, 2007
    0 .· ` ' / ·. 200
    I did similar, I'm now mostly 357 Sig and 10mm... because I hate affordable ammo. :crying:

    I do have a CZ P01 9mm, and a 9mm conversion for my Glock 32. I don't plan to part with either, but I'm down from quite a few 9mm pistols to one-ish.

    I'm trying to decide between 10mm or 357 Sig for a 1911. :cool:
  6. MrMurphy

    MrMurphy ********* Moderator Moderator Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Jan 16, 2001
    Buried in the X-files
    The 9mm is the single most popular caliber in the world.

    Sell one? Sure, it happens.

    Sell all of them? No.
  7. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Jun 19, 2008
    NW Ark.
    Fixed it for ya, so I could agree 100%. :rofl:
  8. MLittle


    Jun 24, 2010

    I carry the 45 so shoot it most often. I like the big bullets....
  9. Comedian


    Aug 3, 2010
    Keep your favorite 9mm and sell the rest.
  10. AK_Stick

    AK_Stick AAAMAD

    Jan 20, 2004
    Alaska, again (for now)

    Not nuts, I'm currently getting rid of some of my excess guns I don't shoot anymore.

    If you're serious about getting rid of the Sig, let me know if you'd be interested in trading for a USP fullsize in 45.
  11. arkdweller22

    arkdweller22 Cuhootnified

    Dec 26, 2008
    CZ 2075 RAMI. You asked :whistling:

    As far as selling your nines: It's not something I would do.
    However, it's not crazy, if you don't enjoy them and don't plan to use them. Sell 'em off and get something you'll enjoy.
    Funny thing is; you'll probably get the itch for a nine at some point in the future and buy one or two or ten. It's how our crazy addiction works.
  12. Lior


    Jul 23, 2004
    Your free country, your guns, your choice to sell them. Nothing wrong with niners or .45s for serious antipersonnel work.
  13. Bruce M

    Bruce M

    Jan 3, 2010
    S FL
    Unles you seriously need the money I would keep at least one. Two reasons come to mind; it might be nice to have a 9mm to introduce someone to shooting sometime, and while I know you said you reload you can never tell when there might be shortage of ammunition or components. Probably not real likely in the future but I also remember a time when surplus 9mm made reloading it almost a wasted effort.
  14. byf43

    byf43 NRA Life Member

    Apr 13, 2006
    Southern Maryland
    No, you're not 'nuts'.

    I've thought about selling some of my 'collection', just because some of them aren't taken to the range very often.

    I could be VERY interested in the S&W 6906.

    Please send pics.
  15. SigFTW


    Nov 4, 2010
    Don't do it!! :wow:

    I would keep the Sig, CZ and Smith and sell the Glock. :whistling:
  16. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Jan 16, 2005
    Seems like the 9mm are good for range/training/competition, even if you don't carry them. I know I've gone to classes that take an average of 750 rounds a day - I'd hate to have to pay for that much .45 ammo.
  17. Let me start by saying that it is rare that I sell a gun I bought. It's even more rare that I later don't regret selling it later on. However, I understand prefering a .45 (I've seen first hand 9mm M882 ammo fail so I'm personally not really comfortable with it as a carry caliber) but the 9mm is still fairly cheap and is also a good training round. I would say short of being in a financial bind, I would still hang onto them. Might not see much use outside of a range but that seller's regret is also a PITA as well.
  18. ROGER4314

    ROGER4314 Friends Call Me "Flash"

    Dec 26, 2008
    East Houston
    I agree with post #2. Keep all of them! With investments in the crapper, guns have been the best investments that I've ever made. The house I live in has doubled in value since I bought it and some of the guns that I bought over the years have done very well, too.

    When Obama succeeds in driving our nation into bankruptcy and our currency is worthless, those guns may become a medium of exchange!

  19. fastbolt


    Jun 9, 2002
    CA Central Coast
    Your guns, your choice.

    I've sold off a lot of guns over the years which I later came to regret, though.

    That said, I could sell or trade in at least 30 handguns in my safe and never be inconvenienced by not having one that would fill my needs for retirement CCW under different conditions, and chambered in 9, .40, .45, .38, .357 & .44 Magnum.

    And yet I'm still thinking about adding another 3-5 handguns. :dunno:

    When I was a young man I felt that the only handgun calibers "worth" carrying were .357 & .44 Magnum and .45 ACP.

    Then I picked up a J-frame .38 for ease of carry for court appearances, attending meetings and some off-duty carry in hotter weather. (Older cops carrying them made an impression back in those days.)

    As time passed I grew to "grudgingly" accept 9mm (since I was required to carry an issued one).

    Then the same thing more or less happened with the .40 S&W.

    Nowadays? As an instructor, I have access to a training ammunition inventory, so I do a respectable amount of shooting using 9, .40, .45 & .38 ... but I mostly carry one of my smaller 9's or .40's, when I'm not carrying one of my several .38's. Go figure.

    The availability of better designed hollowpoints (than the 70's & 80's), and my experiences as working LE, has lessened any concerns I used to have about "service caliber effectiveness" ... and they're still just handguns, anyway.

    I also seem to enjoy shooting the 9's & .40's more than my many .45's, and I'm a long time 1911 owner/shooter. Again, go figure. (Shooting the .40's makes me a better 9 shooter, BTW.)

    Sell off whatever suits you. Yes, you may well regret it later on, and it'll cost you to replace the ones you want to own again. Most of us have been there. ;)

    I don't have a consistent answer for myself, so I certainly couldn't presume to pretend I'd have one for you. :tongueout:
  20. MLittle


    Jun 24, 2010
    Well, after shooting my Sig P226 this morning I may have to reconsider selling ALL my 9's. Damn, what a sweet shooting and accurate firearm. ......and it was the first pistol I ever bought.