Thinking about a new 1911; thoughts?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Jade Falcon, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Jade Falcon

    Jade Falcon WTF EREN?!

    So I want a Ruger SR1911, but I'm not sure if, after I sell a gun off, I'll have the money for one. So, if not the Ruger, something in the $500 range. I'm thinking the Regent R100, but I am open to other brands within that price range. I'm assuming, at $500, it would be a mil-spec 1911.

    Thanks everyone!

    EDIT: requirements are: "Series 70" safety, and the ability to feed hollowpoints. This gun would double as a plinking/range gun, and as a apartment-defense gun.

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  3. nathanours

    nathanours Texan

    I've got a Springfield Mil-spec (it's heavily customized now) that has been great. The first 500 rounds through it were in stock form and it functioned flawlessly with hp or range ammo. It is a series 70 gun too. On the lower end I've heard good things about the Remington R1 guns and the Rock Island guns as well. I'd ask the guys over in the 1911 forum for a much better response.

  4. I have a phillipine made Rock Island in .45acp and,Ihave 2. One is the CS in 3.5 inch barrel and, a 5 inch one also in .45acp. I shoot all my factory,and reloaded hard cast gas checked lead rounds all in the 185 to 230 grain loads. I bought them used from Cabelas for $600 for the pair. They are both like brandnew and parkerized. Best .45s for the price and no ftf,or ftes.
  5. Just save up the money and get the Ruger. A buddy of mine got one about a month ago for $790 otd. A little high but it's a very nice 1911 . I like it as much as my Kimber and Colt. But , I just like MADE IN USA when it comes to a 1911. On the other hand my nephew has a Rock Island Commander and it's a heck of a 45 for the $$.

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  6. You don't want to spend a bit more & get an HK-45? or 45c?
  7. The rock island and various rebranded phillipino made 1911's are best in the budget category. Expecting a bargain 1911 to feed hollow points may be an unrealistic expectation.
  8. WOW. That was a deal on those. These are what I would recommend also. Mine has been great.
  9. nathanours

    nathanours Texan

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  10. there is a lot of good ones out there to choose from. I chose the Springfield Range Officer and could not be happier. It is a great bang for your buck 1911.
    I have had a few 1911's over the years ranging from budget guns to "medium" custom guns. (1000-1500 range. ) I like the RO better then any of the others I have had.
    Edit: sorry , just caught the 500.00 part. You should check out out the Rock Island. My friend has one and has shot it quite a bit and really likes it.
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  11. I agree with you. If you're that close just save for a while. Just remember in that price range you are not buying a Dan Wesson. It'll be good to have Ruger's excellent CS. The only complaints I hear of the Ruger is cosmetic issues. As I said, it ain't a Dan Wesson but it is well-built and Ruger will stand firmly behind it.
  12. Within the price constraints you list, I would strongly suggest looking at a Rock Island Armory. This past Friday I saw several at the LGS for $419 plus tax. The tactical version was $459 plus tax. The tactical RIA in the LGS looked to be well worth the extra bit of money.
  13. Yeah, Springfield! Unless your able to go up from $500.00
  14. Our experience with two RIA's has been completely satisfactory. They are good shooters and work reliability. Cannot (yet) speak to long term life, as neither of ours have over 2K rounds through them. Spent $450 on the 1911 Tac and $500 on the 2011 full rail Tac.

    We trudge on.
  15. Jade Falcon

    Jade Falcon WTF EREN?!

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I've checked out RIA; I may just save up for a Ruger, but it may take me a while. And I haven't even come close to selling my J-frame and gear either, so as of right now, it's not even gonna happen.

    But I can hope...
  16. If he wants a 1911, why would he want an HK45? :headscratch:
  17. The ATI line are great 1911s for the money. I think they're the best models to come out of the Philippines.

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