Think this flash drive should go to the trash?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by geofri, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. geofri

    geofri Poikilotherm™
    Lifetime Member

    Lost data once, then twice, stopped using the drive for school work as I couldn't trust it.

    Just plugged it in to see if it was still working and this is what I found.

    Any hope or pitch it? it was only around $7 bucks.



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  3. I vote toss or give to the homeless man down the street. No point keeping a untrusty flash drive

  4. Hit it with a hammer. Use as a target. Fold, spindle, and mutilate.

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  5. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache
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    Sell it on gubroker for three times what it's worth
  6. Depends, do you know how to properly remove a usb flash drive, or do you just yank it out when you're done?

    Have you tried formatting it?
  7. UtahIrishman

    Silver Member

    give it to your ex-wife
  8. Hammer. Garbage. Not worth the risk. They are cheap.
  9. rednoved

    rednoved NRA Member

    Get rid of it.
  10. geofri

    geofri Poikilotherm™
    Lifetime Member

    Once or twice I may have "yanked it" but generally I properly remove hardware. I did reformat it once after the first corruption. Lasted for a couple weeks before reoccurring.

    Looks like it's getting the hammer. Thanks fellas.
  11. Actually, it looks like the file structure is corrupted. The first thing I suggest it learn to use the cloud. It will make your data available on all your devices. Some services will allow you to track versions of documents and permit collaboration if you are on a team project.

    I encrypt all my removable media and I do not trust backups to any single place.

    Flash drives have a finite life. Most will not give you a nice warning they are going bad.

    Destroy the chip before disposing of it. Data you deleted may be retrievable and in today's digital world, it can come back to haunt when you run for political office down the road.
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  12. Old school candle and tweezers works well when destroying data
  13. Yea, it's probably toast. Personally I would think of something good to put on it and then drop it in a parking lot, like Walmart.

    By something good I mean a harmless prank, not something malicious.
  14. RDW


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  15. Don't give someone access to the data you have stored on it over time.

    Just toss it in your next campfire.

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