There will be no AWB!

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    I can stop legislation from passing in the house? Perhaps us on GT?:rofl::rofl: Well, I've sent my e-mails, I've done my due-diligence.

    There are 323 (or so) million people in this country. Figure about 200 million are of voting age. The NRA has about 4.5 million members. So that's 195.5 versus 4.5

    My friend, as I already enumerated, listening to people here on Glock Talk (such as yourself) about politics is useless. I started a poll in the GNG lounge, and the VAST majority of people DO NOT believe that anti-firearms legislation is going to be passed.

    It is very evident that the good folks here on GT are not grasping the impact that the Sandy Hook murders are having on people that normally could not care one way or another about gun control. This is something the likes of which we have never seen before, and we are facing a Tsunami of support for anti-firearms legislation in the general population. I have friends that are gun owners, that actually support passing another AWB.

    Glock Talk is many, many fun and positive things. But it is not the place to get a grasp of the Nation's political pulse. The memebers here on GT are pretty much extreme 2A supporting gun-owners, chatting with other extreme 2A supporting gun-owners. With everyone burying their head in the sand about what is going to happen in the very near future.

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  2. Dang it M&P! Way to take away my warm and fuzzy feeling. ;)

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    Don't mean to do that.

    Let's all hope that I am completely wrong. I love my AR, want more, want ammo, want more mags, want to go shooting more often, want-want-want.

    But I truly fear we are going to get crushed this time.
  4. I admit that I've done nothing other than try to plant seeds with post on Facebook about the truths of the AWB. Should I email the same email everyday? Just email each Congressman once? Call everyday? What is the most effective method WoodenPlank?
  5. If one of Obama's staff members were to be in violation of this so called "assault weapons ban" you think he'd used his executive power to get them off on all charges? Kind of like he did with Eric Holder.
  6. Email all three of your congressmen(women). Follow up with phone calls on Monday, and again when Feinstein officially introduces her legislation.

    Be polite, be professional, and present a small number of facts to back up your statement. Check your grammar and spelling on your email. Being an asshat or appearing illiterate will NOT help our cause.

    Maybe you should be looking at actual polls. USA TOday and Gallup released a joint poll showing over 50% of people did NOT support a ban. Plenty of politicians will not support this - even Democrats. Is it possible something can get rammed through? Sure, anything is possible. I'd say it's got even odds of passing the Senate - but significantly less in the House.

    Yes, your calls and emails can make a difference. All it takes is a 1 vote majority on "NO" votes in the house to kill this bill. Hell, if you have a Representative on the Judiciary committee, that one person can be all it takes to kill a gun ban before it even gets to the floor.
  7. Guys the '93 ban passed the house by a slim margin of 2 votes. 216 to 214 and the Dems controlled the house and the senate.

    This time we control the house and I firmly believe that a large chunk of the Dems will not vote for this Bill. I do not think it will pass the House. The Senate is a different thing, but Harry Reid will not stand for this. He will water it down significantly before any votes if at all. I think we will get some sort of magazine capacity limit on handguns and rifles. That will be the extent of the damage. But we have at least another four years of war with the anti's on this. We must continue our fight.
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    W.P., it all depends on what polls you look at.

    Plus, there are already reports that A+ rated NRA legislators have come out in support of new anti-gun legislation. And even a Repub or two that have made the same type of statements.

    I'm not trying to be anything other than logical and realistic about the situation. And I certainly hope that I am 110% wrong on everything I am saying. I hope that I get pounded for having acted like chicken little.

    We'll see in the next few days/weeks/months.
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  9. From the very poll you linked:

    "Notably, the 44% in favor of assault rifle bans in response to this trend question is nearly identical to the 42% Gallup found favoring assault and semi-automatic bans in a Dec. 18 poll. In that survey, participants responded to a question asking about possible approaches to preventing mass shootings at schools, similar to the shooting that occurred Dec. 14 in Connecticut."

    Also, if you look at past polling data, it's pretty obvious the current spike in support for any kind of anti-gun legislation is temporary at best. Considering Obama has even made statements indicating he is in no hurry to push for new legislation, I doubt there will be anywhere near enough support from the public for this by the time Democrats are ready to try anything.

    None of this is an excuse not to call and email your congressmen, though. Same goes for anyone reading this - no matter how liberal your congressmen are, tell them how you feel. The constant doom and gloom being foretold on this website isn't helping our cause, either. It breeds apathy, and apathy is NOT what we need right now.
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    While I certainly hope you are right, I think my comments in red show it's not as cut & dry as we'd all like to think.
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    I don't know where you are hearing that Obama is in no hurry for new legislation. He wants Biden to have something ready in January. That's very quick in D.C.

    Still, I really am not worried about Obama and Biden, the action is not centered on them. I'm concerned about what may happen in the House & Senate.

    I do agree that there is a short ammount of time anti-gun legislators have to get something passed. I'm thinking they have to get something done between January and March, before people start forgetting about Sandy Hook.

    But then they can just roll-out the "Parents of the Disappeared" from Sandy Hook, have them crying and wailing on national TV during floor debates, and rip the scab right off that national wound.

    And if there is another mass-shooting in the next few weeks/months? Fuggetaboutit.
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  12. With all the budget nonsense going on, the end of January is going to be a long time in politics. The news is already moving on from their coverage of the shooting.
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    Again, that's about perspective. Depends on where you look and what you pay attention to.

    I watch my morning news while doing cardio at the gym in the mornings. Virtually every news program has a segment about looming gun-control legislation. Yes, the media has dropped Sandy Hook, but not possible gun-control legislation.

    I do agree that one of our biggest hopes is continued focus on the Fiscal Cliff. Of course the flip-side of that is that some sort of gun-control legislation could be part of the negotiations on the Fiscal Cliff, and it could happen in the middle of the night, behind closed doors.
  14. I am very concerned that the bill could pass. Do what you can to educate your friends and family so they can join you in contacting your senators/rep to express the position not in favor of Feinstein's bill.
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    Its hard to! I've tried,most people are re-active instead of pro-active. When their gun rights are taken away then they will be like" Oh S***! what happened!"
  16. Don't worry guys.

    [ame=""]Why I Need Assault Weapons - YouTube[/ame]
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  17. Way to go, Chuck!!
  18. Full on assault is coming... linky
  19. Just read that fox news article. I wonder how he wants to do that with his full power, without ignoring the constitution upon he, Feinstein, and other politicians laid an oath on to support and defend the constitution of the United States of America. President Obama, Feinstein and others will never get something like this through.

    There will be no confiscation and no tax stamps will be required for what you already have at home. IF a new AWB gets passed, which is unlikely due to the high number of Republicans in the house, I am sure all your high cap mags and all your "assoult weapon style" guns will/have to be grand fathered. Feinsteins bill like it is right now will have zero chance to pass through the house, and without ignoring the constitution and breaking their oaths. This would be political suicide.
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  20. He is just spreading fear right now, that's all liberals and socialists are good for. They are extremly good in hiding their real agendas. The same thing happened over in Europe after most of the European countries joined the European union, people were very stupid back then because liberals promised them that basic foods and other goods will get cheaper by 50%. Well, after only a few years in the EU, basic foods went up by 150%. Not to mention other problems which weren't there before they joined the EU.

    One of the first things I realized after moving to the US was, that most Americans don't like to be fu.... with, and especially not by the covernment. Unlike Eoropeans who say amen and yes to everything the covernment tells them. That's why I love the USA so much. And that's why I think he is just spreading fear and hot air. He knows that he has no chance, not here in the US. He just want's to show his voters that he is still a liberal, and that he is "trying" to do something which would make them happy.
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