The WAR is on and we are full retreat..

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    IRAN- what happens there matters. We may wish it different, but IRAN now is a major player... mostly because of our recent assumption of the 'beaten goat' posture.

    "Ahmadinejad is on his way out (presidential elections are slated for June, and he can’t run again), and knows that his enemies will not be kind and gentle once he leaves office, so he’s using his final months to damage as many of them as he can. He can’t attack Khamenei directly (capital punishment awaits even a president for such blasphemy), so he goes after the leader’s factotums, such as the Larijanis, whom Ahmadinejad publicly accused of corruption in recent days."

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  3. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Ahmadinejad will be driving a taxi in NYC by the end of the year.

    The next Iranian dictator will have a nuke and will threaten Israel, Europe and the United States.

    Obama will do nothing.

  4. EOS


    I'd be more worried about Obama than Ahmadenijad, Obama now claims he has the right to kill American citizens. Your getting scared and worked up over propaganda, the same thing happened in 2003, Saddam had all these weapons, was gonna wipe Israel off the map, and the world would end if we didn't invade. Where were those nukes?

    Why the American people keep falling for the same BS every time is beyond me.

    The real reason the War Hawks have a hard on for Iran is because they are refusing to sell their oil for American dollars, they are selling their oil for gold or other currencies. You are being had folks. Onward march in the war for the petrodollar!
  5. "Obama will do nothing."

    Worse than that, he (Obama) will continue enabling and encouraging those jihadists.
  6. With all the troops, Federal LEOs, various intelligence people under his control you are really worried, that if he wanted to take someone out for his own purposes, he would want to make sure he had legal path to do it with something as spectacular as a drone strike? If he could find people that would be willing to operate drones on their fellow citizens, I am pretty sure he could find people to do the job in much lower profile manner.

    check your six frequently if you are that worried.
  7. rhikdavis

    rhikdavis U.S. Veteran

    No ****. There are much easier ways to make you 'disappear' should the need arise.

    So ya'll better stop badmouthing the prez up in here.

  8. Sure, Obama could just suicide out butts... Why am I now suddenly thinking of another Democrat president.. :whistling:
  9. We've got President Present leading us. What could go wrong.
  10. EOS


    It's funny how Obama is public enemy number one on GTPI until he claims the government has the authority to assasinate Americans, then all the conservatives flock in to his defense.

    The man who you've cursed for 5 years as the ultimate plague to this country, who is trying to take our firearms, now says he can kill you if he thinks you are a terrorist, given that DHS expanded the definition of terrorist to include basically anyone in America who isn't living on an EBT card, I'd say we have a reason to be outraged.

    But you conservatives are so egotistically invested in the middle eastern wars, that you can't see past your warped view of the war on
    terror to understand that the potential for this power to be abused is grossly evident. Let alone the fact that it is utterly unconstitutional.

    So apparently you guys will defend the COTUS until it stands in the way of your own political agendas, I know some gun grabbers who you have a lot in common with.
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  11. Good.

    Iran is not a threat to us at the moment and we don't have money to get into another war.
  12. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    Nobody is defending Obama.
  13. EOS


    Ok.........................what would call trying to justify his claim that assasinating Americans without due process, as the COTUS prohibits, is totally legal? :dunno:

    Defending his decisons and policies is kind of on the same level, I think your splitting hairs here.
  14. FLIPPER 348

    FLIPPER 348 Happy Member

    I happily defend the President. A 300% rise on drone attacks over GW killing tangos is a good thing.
  15. He thinks you are too freakin stupid to have rights.
  16. EOS


    Sadly, most of the folks on GTPI are proving him right.
  17. hogship

    hogship It's MY Island

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  18. "That's the *****in part about don't matter...if you can't afford it...****** finance it...."

    The following clip contains possibly offense language and should be not viewed by posters under the age of 17

    [ame=""]Ruthless People Judge Reinhold selling stero speakers to metalhead - YouTube[/ame]
  19. JBnTX

    JBnTX Texas

    I'd call it a fantasy, dreamed up by paranoid anti-government wackos who would be saying the same thing no matter who the president was.
    It has nothing to do with Obama.

    Your statement of "assasinating Americans without due process" is misleading and designed to make it look like the government is making plans to kill innocent Americans, and that we're all at risk.

    Nothing is further from the truth.
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  20. I am not saying the feds are going to start using drones to take people out as they drive down the interstate or are barbequing in their back yard, but the fed does have a history of behaving stupidly?

    David Koresh
    The burning building was quite the sight to see, knowing it was occupied by so many people.

    side note: 23 kids killed by federal government... did we have nonstop questioning of why the federal law enforcement needs military style weapons?
  21. Yeh finance it like everything else right. :rolleyes:

    They are NOT a direct threat to us! You guys wanting to wipe everyone from the face of the earth because we can is ridiculous . Exactly why we have people that hate us!

    Republicans want to spend on defense(when we are already well capable and can afford cuts) and cut welfare.

    Democrats want to spend on welfare and cut defense.

    Both exactly the same when it comes to spending and big government..
    Just a different way of doing it.
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