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The Truth

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by ynot, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. ynot


    Dec 5, 2004
    just my opinion, we continue to play the political game of spreading democracy to these third world countries, just as we pretended to halt the advance of the communist in viet nam. well when will our political machine ever get the picture. war is not a game. does anybody really think our military should play these war games with their hands tied behind their back. well i for one think it sucks. i played their war games in viet nam, the same way, can't take this area, can't bomb this area. if we are not going to do the job then get the heck out. if this is not serious enough to go all out and do the job, then it is not worth one of our soldiers lives. seems like we lost direction after ww2 and have tried to be the most friendly folks in the battle, play by a set of rules that guarantee us to lose. wake up government morons! with our current policy of military action we will be in real trouble if something other than a third world country decides to take us to task. how about sending congress and the senate to do their tour in iraq. and what exactly are we doing in afghanistan? we sure were blind to the example russia showed the world.
    i am not aganist war, there are times that you must go to war, but i am against playing war games, that result in our soldies lives lost or disabled for no good reason. sorry for the rant but i have been there and done that, and this really makes my blood boil.
    i was med evacd from nam and spent a lot of time in hospitals from nam, guam the phillipines. and in the us, and it really sucks to see so many young lives sacrificed for no good reason.