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  1. I've decided to make the jump and get a can with my OT money from the last few weeks. I can get CLEO sign off in my county since he's tended to be pretty pro gun but I figured it would be better go go the trust route so my family can possess any NFA stuff I end up getting. I've been reading about NFA trusts for the last few hours and am more confused now then I was before I sat down to research them.

    1) I read the Gun Trust Lawyer stuff and found a post from him that said a solid trust could run you $600. Yet, many people have spent little to nothing creating a Revokable living trust online or with software like Quicken Will Maker and have been approved by the BATF without issues. Is it really worth $600 for an attorney to do it or does the cheaper option actually work just as well.

    2) I'd like to have a total of 3 other people (Wife, Father, Brother) allowed to have access/possess the can in case I am leaving or they use my rifle for the day. I have heard that can be done on a trust but I've only seen stuff for single parties online so far. Does that mean I'm going to have to spend the $$$ for a attorney to set it up then just have to wait for some more OT to afford the can or can I set it up myself and still have the extra cash to spend on the can?

    3) If I will have to get professional help is there anyone you know who deals with this stuff and won't totally deflate my wallet.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    re, #1. If anything is wrong with the trust documents, then you may be subject to loss of the NFA items and/or criminal charges. Some people would rather pay money upfront to ensure that doesn't happen. Many people would rather take the chance. There has been at least one guy who had a major legal problem stemming from the way his trust was set up. My take is that it is probably a good idea to pay the lawyer to do it right if you will have anything other than a one-person trust.

    #2. See #1 and lawyer.

    #3. Get a referral from

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