The Truth About Assault Weapons

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by GlockinNJ, Jan 16, 2013.

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  2. Jason D

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    1. Project Mayhem
    2. Show Me Glockers

    Whomever did that, did a good job.

  3. Wolfgang

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    The truth doesn't matter.
  4. American people care not about being educated or getting the facts.

    Ever argue gun ownership with someone who doesn't own or shoot guns?

    I had a guy at work tell me banning internet ammo sales would stop these psychos from buying ammo online. I said: "True, but what would stop them from buying it at Wal-Mart? All that does is make it more expensive for me."

    They don't care when they're wrong, they just say "well we gotta do something." THEN DO SOMETHING WITH AN OUNCE OF REASON BEHIND IT.
  5. great read.
  6. That needs to be shown on every TV station nation wide! Sent to every Senator and Rep. Get the NRA to fund the TV spots!:supergrin:
  7. CU4X4N

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  8. Fantastic, thanks for posting!
  9. Nicely done, thank you for posting.
  10. :thumbsup:

  11. Good read. Very good. Wish I could somehow get the uninformed to take 5 minutes if their time to read this

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  12. amen...
  13. lawman800

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    Love it.
  14. PEC-Memphis

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    Very Good Read, similar to what I am sending to my Congressmen and Governor.......

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  15. Excellent read

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