The Second Coming of George W. Bush

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by maxsnafu, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Cavalry Doc

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    Not a gotcha game aimed at you, there is no one I have seen running for president in many, many years that was not in it for themselves. The thought of politicians as public servants of the people is gone.

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  2. Rooster Rugburn

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    Repubican big spending... GOOD. Repubican growth of government.....GOOD. Repubican running massive deficit..... GOOD. Repubicans doubling the national debt.... GOOD. Democrats doing any of it..... BAD.

    But you are wasting your time. These repubicans don't care what government does, as long as it's a repubican doing it. A definite lack of integrity.

    They hold Reagan the original "RINO" in high esteem. But he ran up big debt, signed gun control, and signed amnesty. But let's not get into specifics.

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  3. juggy4711

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    Sure it was. Even my party was guilty. You are so full of ****. Past 12 years was what you posted. So who before that was a servant of the people?
  4. A Republican House and a Democrat Senate.

    Funny indeed. Considering how the Democrats have railed against it for years.

    Obama's autopen. The ultimate "present" vote.
  5. I would rejoice at any evidence that the American voter has learned anything from the mistakes of the past.

    I'd bet you would join me in a celebratory drink to such evidence.

    We can only hope.

  6. Oddly enough, I feel you have the most potential. But growth without learning is like a building without a foundation.

    Don't just accept what is thrown at you. Look for the roots underneath. When you know yourself, and know your opponent, you will never loose a battle.

    Best wishes.
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  7. No, let's do get into specifics.

    Reagan debt collapsed the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. A time when the balance of power hung on a thread. Eastern Europe was grateful that Reagan called for tearing down the Berlin Wall and brought freedom not seen in Eastern Europe since before WW2.

    Reagan signed amnesty on a deal with Democrats to secure the border. Democrat FAIL.

    Reagan signed tax increases on a deal with Democrats to match with 2x spending cuts. Democrat FAIL

    If there is any lesson here, it is to not trust Democrat Party "deals".
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  8. Because I didn't lie about reading the article? Being honest shouldn't be anything special. do ngu nam goi cam quan ao thoi trang han quoc chan goi so sinh vay lien cong so quan ao ban buon chup anh cho be

    Anyway, I'm not right or left, I'm libertarian, almost to the point of being anarchist, so I don't just take what is thrown at me. Though I guess you could make the argument that I trust reason, cato, and mises, and take what they throw at me. I'd disagree, but the argument could be made.
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  10. stevelyn

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    Shrub the First started us on this downhill slide 20 years ago.
  11. Sadly, Reagan is so far the best President in my lifetime by a LARGE margin. That being said, he was FAR from good enough and he is the only one that I believe actually had good intentions. Look at his actions compared to other presidents and he looks pretty good, look at A2, S1 and how the exec ensures A1, S8 is followed and he was a miserable failure.

    We've only had a few Presidents that really tried to stick to their job and not overreach. Reagan should have been the President I think Goldwater would have been. If we don't start holding them accountable to their duties as President then what is the point? If you believe the Constitution needs amendment then fine, there is a process in place for that. Until we follow what we say is our law, we're just kidding ourselves.
  12. I rely on your earlier reply.
    Being honest shouldn't be anything special.

    We get the government we vote for.
  13. Where is Bush-ism really THAT different from Obama-ism?

  14. And, for that matter, is Obama Derangement Syndrome any different than Bush Derangement Syndrome?

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