The reserection of an old Benelli 121

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  1. Depending on where you read on the web, we seem to be approaching a time when most responcible people will be taking some steps to take care of themselves vs allowing the govenment to do it for them. I got thinking about what I had available.....

    From the back of my gun safe, I pulled my old faithful IPSC Benelli out. I think the last time I put a round through it has to be 15 years ago...As I read about all the new "Gee Whiz" stuff, I got thinking why I could not just add a few accessories, run some rounds through it, to get my self functioning as a shooter again.. (I'm now 70 yo).

    I bought the gun back in 1978, had some "Ghost Rings" mounted, it hold 8 rounds, and I found 500 rounds of saboted 500gr slugs in a forgotten amo can. (These will group about 8"-10" at 100 yards).

    At this time I am considerting adding a green laser, and light to it. Maybe a ammo carrier, but I sort of like a bandolier. It still has a good sling, the old wood stock and forearm (I have better looking wood in some axe handles), but the same action as what is available it the most current models...

    Anybody got arguments as to why I should buy a new gun :whistling::whistling:??

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    No arguments here. I am a big Benelli fan.


  3. Keep the 121, it's a CLASSIC!
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    My only shotgun is a Sears 200, god knows how old. Works perfectly. Go for it!
  5. Beware adding accessories to the recoil operated Benelli semi-auto shotguns.
    When you weigh them down they stop being reliable.
  6. I have continued with this little project. I added a 6 round ammunition carrier for my belt I looked at the stock and frame mounted units, but I still like my bandoleer, and something attached to my belt.
    Found a Tactical Shotgun Tri-Rail Barrel Mount that will actually mount on the magazine, found my sling, and had a QD for the end of the hand swell in the stock. Have a green laser, and small but very bright flashlight that will mount on this both with pressure switches.

    I might add a mercury recoil tube in the stock, just to take a bit of sting out of my slug loads...Also found about 500 rounds of 00 buckshot, that I bought to get back into practice.

    I am considering taking a 4 day class at front sight, or some other name place, just to remind me what I used to do as 2nd nature. (That ought to chase the bugs out of this gun that has been a safe queen for way too long.) Once I have 1000 rounds through the gun again, and if it is a flawless as it used to be, I will have super confidence in using it should I have to attend to any serious social occasions.

    Sort of like old men and old guns go well together.
  7. 1022 on the recoil reducer. Those guns must recoil some in order to work. As you add each item, test fire it to make sure you haven't exceded the weight limit. You'll find the more weight you add the less reliable it'll be with low brass shells.
  8. Old wanderer,
    I would love to see a pic of your vintage Benelli. Any chance of you posting a photo ?
  9. would absolutely love to see pictures as well!

    Looking for an M1 myself...
  10. Well this is still a work-in-progress. Here is what is done...

    1. Chased the spiders and webs out of the gun, and cleaned it.

    2. Added a small Picanini rail on the magazine tube.

    3. Mounted a Fenix 6P 290 lumin light just under the magazine...(Waiting for the momentary switch to operate it.) As you can see it is very solid in that position.

    4. Added a 35 mw green laser on the right side. (The switch has yet to be mounted and secured).

    5. Still debating about my IR heat seaker. (This will locate warm bodies out to 50 yards or so) It is used to find warm bodies hiding behind great.

    I will inlet the wood and then permanatly mount the momentary light switch for my fingers on the right side of the forearm.

    I will do the same thing on the left side so my thumb can activate the laser.

    Now this is no limp wristed laser. At 25 yards it does give a green glow to the whole area it touches...also if you sweep it across somebodies eyes, they are screwed for about 20 minutes...(Old guys don't fight stronger, they just fight smarter). In serious social situations, being able to blind your advisary, and make head shots seriously shortens the time you need to be fighting....It will also keep somebody from being able to get a sight on you.

    Next is to take it all apart again, send the upper reciever and barrel to Mag-na-port, and get that taken care off. It will reduce muzzle climb.

    I have also added a Kick-EZE slip on pad...not that the other recoil pad was bad, but when we put the ghost rings on, and shortened the stock, shooting slugs has my thumb hitting my nose with a solid cheek weld. So I needed an additional 3/4" added and the slip on pad does it.

    You will also not I have reloacated the bottom sling swivel. Better for an African carry, and better when you have to slip it over your head and use your handgun.

    As I progress, I will post some more if any one is intrested.

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  11. NICE!

    Before you inlet the stock though, I would take it out and shoot a bunch of rounds through it with that flash light and laser on there. I have heard, no personal expereince mind you, that sometime they don't like lights and stuff being hung of the front of them.
  12. That is true with light loads, since this will be #1B or #00B and BRI sabot slugs, it has plenty of recoil to keep operating. I will be at Front Sight for the 4 days course so should get a good test there, and if this old mans skills are still embedded in the brain somewhere, and the antique body hold together, I will return for the Advanced course. (Got to qualify "distinguished" in the 1st course to take the 2nd course).

    Seriously....I do not think the weight is more than 2 shotgun shells.
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  13. Well, sounds like you know what your doing, I shouldn't have doubted!

    Anyhow, cool project I'm very jealous. Hope to hear reports when you get back from school!
  14. Tactical, oldschool, and classy . . . all in one.
  15. Well more to report on this little project....(Sort of nice when you have owned something for years, so spending a little money on it is pretty easy). I feel sorry for you guys that haft to spend $1200+ just to get the basic gun.

    I have the gun completely disassembled, and am waiting to hear from VANG if he can do the VNG + porting on these old Benelli? I tried to get it ported some time ago, (like 25 years) and they could not do it because the upper receiver remains attached to the barrel. Magana Port said "No Problemo", but would rather do the forcing cones and back boring as well.

    I pulled that cheap stock off, it is really soft wood, I had a 3/4" X 8" C & H mercury tube to slip in the stock...decided to take it to some wood working guy and I can really screw stuff up, if it takes any artistic ability. I can get a piece of hardwood, and maybe next winter will pull the stock off again, and take it to duplicating machine, and get a good piece of walnut on the back of the gun. (Not for the looks but for the strenghth. ). It is about $150 to get that done.

    I also should get this week my Tiritium front/rear ghost ring sight. Heat up the front sight, and silver solder the new one on, I think the ghost ring I have now will just swap out with the tritium one.

    I have now replace my sling with a Giles tactical sling.

    I signed up for a Front SIght 4 day tactical shotgun course in Sept. So it will get 500 rounds through it at that time.

    Still debating about adding a Browning slug choke. Will need to have the barrel threaded to accept it, but should help with my sabot slugs accuracy. !st I will try it after barrel modifications to see if I need more or not. (I think I was holding about 6# at 100 yards with the BRI sabot slugs, (But you know old memories...that was 25 years ago, and even the ugly girls seem pretty today). Need to experiment.

    As progress happens, I will post again in a few weeks.
  16. Just to nitpick, resurrection is bringing something back from the dead.
    Resection is the surgery a doctor performs to remove a tumor.

    Your thread title had me quite interested for a moment...
  17. Your poor old 121. Your gun=your rights. I think I might have left well enough alone and started with a new-fangled shotgun and not been worried about messin' up a classic.
    BUT, that's just me!

  18. I have never developed an appreciation for collecting things and leaving them like they were mfg. When I pull some of my guns out to clean, I see scratches and dings from hunting trips/safari's, each brings back a memory of times when those tools were doing what they were meant to do.

    I have 7 pretty high performance motorcycles, most of them bear the same scars from finding out just how close to edge I can ride...

    Different folks....differnt values.
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    I'm just now finishing up a re-purposing project on a shotgun that's probably about the same age as yours, that my dad gave me when I was 9 or so.

    What someone else would or wouldn't do is irrelevant when it comes to your posessions.
  20. Exactly. I had to take a moment and wipe my eye.

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