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"The President's Note"

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockdude1, Sep 19, 2009.

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    After the president has been in office for 6 months it is customary for the last president to send a note of congratulations to the new one.

    So yesterday when the note came from Bush to Obama,

    president Obama was somewhat troubled because it was written in a secret code and all it said was: 370H-SSV-0773H.

    This troubled him as he had always heard from his peers how former president Bush was perceived to have been scholarly challenged.

    So he took the note to his wife. She was unable to decipher it.

    They called in the VP, and he was unable to decode the message. They called in the chief of staff and the head of Secret Service detail and they were unable to determine the meaning of the note..

    Next he called in the head of the Senate and Speaker of the House. They both were mystified by the meaning of the coded message.

    Now there was complete panic in the oval office.

    They called all of their contacts in the media and sent copies of the note to all of them, and not one was able to come up with an answer.

    A special emergency meeting was called by the staff. All branches of the military, counter intelligence, CIA, FBI were called in, and the best minds were unable crack the code.

    After a sleepless night, a now humbled President picked up the phone and called the former president, and asked him the meaning of the note.

    Bush chuckled and replied: Dude, Your holding it upside down!!!

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