The President: We owe law enforcement the tools they need to keep us safe

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by RussP, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Who was it that said:
    " When Tyranny becomes Law, Rebellion becomes Duty!" ?

    It seems to me that's what the law abiding citizen is being forced into.

    Target the Criminals!!!!

    Enforce all laws relating a guns completely!!

    No new gun laws. We don't need them!!

    Prosecute all corrupt politicians!!!

    Provide federal funding to add additional police officers on the streets. It should be up to the individual departments to utilize the officers as they see fit, as long as crime drops. If not, funding will be stopped and perhaps federal assistance provided to those departments. Oakland CA. is a prime example!

    Background checks for everyone purchasing a handgun!

    Just my opinion.

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  2. If we enforced all of our laws accordingly, we wouldn't have nearly as many problems as we do.

    I blame the courts. I really do. They drag their feet constantly.

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  3. So you are not understanding cops not buying the load of BS? WOW!!! Usually cops get called JBT's for not taking the stance you don't understand.

    Seems times are a changin' boys and girls.
  4. I agree that the courts are part of the problem. The whole justice system needs an overhaul IMO. Once done, I say it will be long past time to start bringing corrupt politicians to justice.

    If it can be done, I would strongly support a referendum for term limits. That would at least be a step in the right direction.
  5. MeefZah

    MeefZah Cover is Code 3

    I don't understand your comment, but then, English is my native language, so maybe there is a barrier there?
  6. RussP


    Okay, "keep" is the key word here. Not add new bodies, keep the existing levels the same. Is your current level of staffing the optimum level?

    Have any of you taken pay reductions to 'help the budget process'? Can that money be used to reinstate those reductions? Would they be used that way?

    Has administrative support been cut causing you to spend more time in-house doing tasks support staff use to? Would using some of the funding rehiring staff increase your time on the street?

    Who came up with the 15,000 number?

    I just went back to Give Law Enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute crime and, yes, the number is 15,000.

    15000/900000=1.66667%, 1.67% of law enforcement. Wait, not all are on the street. Is 500,000 a fair number? Then 15,000/500,000=3%. Yeah, that's much better [:upeyes:]. Retain 3% when turnover averages between 12% and 15%, some lower, some higher. Well, hell, maybe only 3% are worth keeping, the real cops.

    So, what to do with that money to retain? Buy out some early retirements. Replace 15 to 20 year solid performing veterans with less experienced rookies or lateral hires. Yeah, that makes sense [:upeyes:].

    He did say keep cops on the streets. That would mean only patrol officers benefit from the money? Cool...

    The money, yeah, what about the money. Who do you believe came up with the $4 billion number? 4,000,000,000/15,000=$266,666.67 per retained cop. That is the average per cop, some get more, some less.

    Wait, you aren't getting that all in one year, boys and girls. Divide that by 3 - $88,888.89. Still too high? By 5 = $53,333.33. That's a better average. Spread the money over 5 years to retain 3% of the cops on the street at an average salary of $53,333.33.

    Will that prevent gun violence? Will it prevent violence, gun or otherwise, in schools?

    Are agency bean counters capable of the rational thought needed to allocate monies into the proper line items without political influence or bias, either community or internal?

    I know I've been rather sarcastic here, but, really, do I have the wrong perspective? Are my numbers even close? Are they wrong?

    I wish everyone listening to these speeches, reading these 'promises' would sit down and do the math. Then they should go talk with their local law enforcement. Ask them what they really need.

    Oh, crap, I forgot. 'NEVER TALK TO THE POPO!!!'

    People, wake up!! YOU pay their salaries! Demand they give you answers!!!

    And, no, "Officer, my little boy (17 in the 10th grade - again) won't do his homework. Will you make him do it?" is not the right question.

    "Officer, my little boy (17 in the 10th grade - again) is a gang banger. He's got dope and a gun in his bedroom. Can you send him to prison for me?" THAT is the right question!!

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  7. Morris


    I don't hate the president so you can shove that thought away. However, I do not buy his bilge water, nor that of his cronies. I do hate a lie and his entire administration is that.

    Obama set the stage very early in his presidency with his attitude towards cops in general (a certain professor comes to mind). Or how about taking a night to attend ceremonies literally a couple of miles away from the People's House during the Memorial. Some could reasonably articulate that it was prior to his presidency during his period as a legislator and while campaigning for his first term (portable toilets on a memorial plaza come to mind).

    That being said, what he proposes is hollow: his own programs, via the DOJ, have killed cops both in the US and in Mexico. His DOJ is more active than ever in asserting their federal muscle into local agencies via lawsuits and civil rights investigations (all the while violating civil rights on their own). He professes to make things better when a simple thing to do would have been to simply enforce what was already in the books.

    I look at the total picture (as exampled in paragraph 2 of this post). What I see is dog and pony that does nothing to address real problems. As I have said before, if his own house was clean, then he may have had traction. But in the big picture, it all rings hollow and of a farce. That is why I write what I do and say what I say.
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  8. this !!!
  9. Kingarthurhk

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    Nah, that would mean they would have to stop murdering Border Patrol Agents. And clearly, they are okay with that.:steamed:
  10. hotpig

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    VP Crazy Joe Biden says that they can not enforce all of the gun laws that we already have. Sounds like he thinks banning the guns will solve all of the problems.
  11. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    The President's policies have provided us with more "tools" than the system can handle.

    Thanks a lot pal.
  12. RussP


    :animlol: "tools":animlol:
  13. I'm concerned about the term "Mental Health". As it is right now, there is nothing specifically listed that defines what mental health issues that would diqualify someone from purchasing or owning a firearm. The use of the term allows for broad scrutiny regarding disqualification for ownership or purchases. Is a person that has been diagnosed with mild anxiety, or tourrets disqualified? Mental Health disqualifications need to be specified.
  14. PinkoCommie

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    He owes me the tools I need to keep my community safe? A'ight -- I'll be waiting for a new Noveske SBR, a plate carrier with rifle plates and a more sensible state personnel system. That would be a good start.

    Do I get a tracking number for those, so I can check on the progress?
  15. Bren

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    Looks like it doesn't mean much. The majority of that is just "enforce existing laws" which is what the NRA has been saying for many, many years.
  16. txleapd

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    I'd honestly prefer the big O didn't do anything he feels is helpful. Chances are anything he does would be more trouble than help.

    I have a simple philosophy... Lead, Follow, or get the **** out of the way. He's seemingly incapable of the first two.

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  17. CJStudent

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    And refuses to do the latter.
  18. You also owe the citizens the tools to keep themselves safe, such as adhering to the COTUS; like you swore to do when you took the oath of office.
  19. txleapd

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  20. lawman800

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    Okay... can't enforce what we got so let's make more? Makes sense only to those idiots in D.C.

    We can't stop illegal immigration either, right? How about all the drunk driving? How about murder and rape? Can't stop those either. Heck, let's give up then.

    Idiots. The lot of them.

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