The other side of Off Duty jobs

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  1. God help him. And God bless his wife for standing by him, and living and breathing her marriage vows.

    Tragic it is.

  2. Never reach into a car. Ever.
  3. >> driver who injured the officer is serving 19 years in prison

    There should be another "1" somewhere in that number :sad:

    I never understood why "attempted murder" carries a lighter sentence than "murder". The bad-guy's intent was the same in both cases. .
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  4. :steamed:
  5. We had a similar incident here, but the officer recovered. He stopped the guy and he had his kids in the back seat. He took off with the officers arm stuck in the window. The officer shot and killed him as he was being drug with the car. The guys family complained because the officer shot him with his kids in the back seat.

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