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Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by hotrodtba, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. zb338

    JJ I think Penquins are protected under the Geneva Convention. You better mount
    a light on your AK and shoot it at night.


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  2. Lets see a bunch more photo's!!

  3. Yugo Underfolder

  4. G Twenty Three

    G Twenty Three Life Is Good

    Yugo M70AB2

  5. SAR1

    Bulgy AKS-74


    AK-104 Clone

  6. CheesyD

    CheesyD Nyet to Marxism

    My first foray into the world of AKs... Saiga 7.62x39.

  7. [​IMG]

    My newest purchase. The furniture on this gun is probably the ugliest I have ever seen, and I probably paid too much for it, but it was for sale and I had the money.

    I haven't verified what I was told, but I was told it was an American made receiver with a Romanian upper. I didn't know there was an American made receiver.
  8. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    Romanian furniture typically looks like it was cut with a dull chainsaw. The good news is that it can be finished to look very nice. Not a problem. Easy to do.
    If you want to keep it original, don't sand over the black stripe on the buttstock, or repaint it after you have finished.
    Yes, it probably is an American receiver. There are a couple of companies that have been making receivers in the US for years. Look around the gun, either on the left side or underneath in front of the mag well for the name of the receiver manufacturer. My guess would be an NDS3 by DCI.

    Your gun appears to be a Romanian G-kit, although I can't be sure without you telling me about any markings, on a US receiver with the correct number of 922r compliance parts. Those are probably a TAPCO FCG, maybe a gas piston, and a few others. It looks like your gun still has the original G-kit furniture, so be careful on compliance. Mine required a US magazine to stay legal, until I replaced the pistol grip nad slant brake with a US-made versions. I was then able to use foreign-made steel mags. Just watch your count.
    After: (note I also replaced the standard front grip with the correct Romanian pistol grip). At least yours is already like that.

    Does your gun have a big "G" stamped on the left side of the trunnion like this?
    You must be an AR person since you refer to a Romanian "upper". In the AK world, there are no uppers, just the receiver and the other parts.

    Overall, you got yourself a very nice rifle that will outlast you. I am curious how much you paid for it, but it doesn't matter as long as you are happy. Typical AKs like yours one year ago were running $350, now they are getting about $500.
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  9. Thanks for your input. I am at work now, but I do believe I saw DCI on the receiver.

    I am not really an AR guy either. Since learning to shoot my uncle's WWII service 30 06 in the fifties I haven't had much to do with long guns. However looking at the political situation in the last year, I have purchased a PTR91 in 308, 870 rem., Saiga12, Saiga 7.62 and this AK.

    The dealer I bought this from actually makes them in the back of his store at the rate of about 2 a month. He claims he could sell many more but doesn't have the time to do more. His employee was the one that used the term "Romanian upper" and I just took that to mean gas piston and return spring, dust cover, bolt, FP and carrier.

    The furniture really does look like poor quality copies of the wood in your pictures, so it might be foreign parts and count against me? The rifle came with a 30 round double stack mag. Should I be concerned about 922r while using it?

    The price was listed as $545. He sold it to me for $530 and threw in a 20 round box of wolf ammo, which is what I shoot in my Saiga
  10. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    If you have the money, buy some AR lowers while you can too, before Osama takes over - worst case scenario.

    AKs are not that hard to build provided you have a rivet tool and some jigs. You can also build them with screws. Your dealer friend seems to have built a really nice AK and the price is okay, in line with the current market. A few years ago, the Romanian kits were selling for like $100 and receivers for about $70, so you build an AK for about $200, but times have changed, the kits are drying up, and demand is increasing.

    Back to the dealer...I hope he knows about 922r compliance. Ask around, especially on boards like's AK sections, and you'll see 922r is a huge consideration with all of us AK nuts. Better yet, write to the ATF or look at their website and you'll see I'm not kidding.

    In reality, some folks just don't know and may be in violation of Federal Law without knowing it. I am NOT saying that is the case with your friend. PLEASE, just ask him which US parts are in the gun. Just remember, no more than 10 parts can be foreign made. By law, a stamped AK has 16 parts for consideration (15 for a milled AK):
    1. Barrel
    2. Muzzle attachment if removable. A permanently attached brake is considered part of the barrel.
    3. Receiver
    4. Bolt carrier
    5. Bolt
    6. Trunnion (considered part of the receiver in a milled AK)
    7. Trigger
    8. Hammer
    9. Sear or disconnector
    10. Buttstock
    11. Pistol grip
    12. Handguards (upper and lower count as one)
    13. Magazine body
    14. Magazine follower
    15. Magazine bottom plate
    16. Gas piston

    Remember that this only applies to post-ban guns too, which yours is. The math is simple after that...just make sure you don't have more than 10 foreign parts. I don't actually know of anyone getting prosecuted for not complying with 922r, but I'd hate to be the first one to be made an example of. It's best to know the law and how you are complying and it's a good idea to know your gun inside and out.

    All of my AKs are postban and have been converted to pre-ban with the use of US-parts. On most, I wind up with a 10/6 split, and most people do, but I have a few with a 9/7 split. Regardless, if your gun is not in compliance and you want it to be, it's easy to do. In fact, the only part that really requires some work is the gas piston replacement.

    My furniture looked horrible when I got it, much worse than yours. I mean it really looked like feces. I sanded it down and applied many coats of Tung oil. Easy to do.
  11. Yes, just finished cooking dinner, (the wife is late getting home tonight) and checked. It does have the "G". Does that have meaning?

    ITM Arms Company, Cleveland, USA on the receiver.

    Thanks again for you input.
  12. I have a copy of the 922r list next to my saiga for conversion. Problem is, I want to keep the Saiga trigger and stock. (I have the stock with a built in grip that I like) So I can't swap out the trigger, but because the stock is considered two parts I can't just swap out the piston for a USA part.

    I will have to go through my new AK and find what is USA and what is not so I know what I can get by with. The dealer seems to be very wary of BATF rules, so I assume he knows what he is doing when he put in what I assume to be a Romanian 30 round mag, but I will check closely. Any hints at where to look on the trigger group for 'USA' markings? I am new to AKs (well all long guns actually)
  13. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic

    The "G" just means it is a former Romanian Civil Guard AKM. They were actually fully auto AKMs converted by the Romanians to semi only for the Civil Guard. They are pretty much 99% of the Romy kits now and very good quality.

    ITM is synonymous with Ohio Ordnance Works. They are relatively good, budget receivers. I used one to build my Romy side-folder.

    I believe Century marks theirs USA, but I am not sure. KVAR's trigger groups say "US" inside a circle. If it's a TAPCO trigger, "TAPCO" will be easily visible on the trigger itself, like this:
  14. So is my wife from KC, KS

    I have been a Pittsburgh fan since the new rookie quarter back came in and defeated my Super Bowl champs, Chiefs. His name was Terry Bradshaw. Like the present quarterback pretty good too. To bad about last week.

    Once an auto, always an auto according to the BATF. But the receiver does not have a hole for the auto sear pin, so I guess that is where the BATF would look in determining if this gun was once an auto?
  15. CarlosC

    CarlosC AK Fanatic


    Ah yes, the Bradshaw years. I was a fan back then too. In fact, back then I couldn't even speak English yet, but I was a fan. I'm one of those fans that borders on psycho too, at least according to my wife.
    I am in denial right now about the game versus my #2 team, the Giants (I grew up near the Meadowlands), so I'd really rather not discuss it. My wife and kids have been told not to mention this past weekend. I have marked out that date on all the calendars in the house. It did not exist.

    The once an auto saying is correct, but it doesn't apply here. Nearly all former assault rifle kits were once autos, but they have been made non-functional by cutting the original receiver per ATF regs. If you had gotten your AK gun originally as a kit, you would have gotten some of the parts in torch cut sections. All legal. None of the receivers you can buy now will have provisions for the auto sear, so there is nothing wrong with building a semi-auto rifle from a former full-auto kit. That is how it's done by noral people and huge companies like Century. They've been building semi auto G-3, AK, CETME and other rifles for years from former full-auto kits.
    The last time I heard the once an auto rule coming into play was years ago with some Chinese AKs that used purely military receivers modified to semi-auto. The holes for the auto sear axis pin were there, but a rivet was permanently installed to cover them up. The ATF confiscated all the weapons they could find, but not all the weapons were found.
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  16. I want one of these in the worst way.
  17. I have field stripped it and found NO marks on the trigger group or on the gas piston assembly anywhere. The trigger group is actually pretty rough cut, not what I would expect from a USA commercial supplier.

    The lack of ANY USA markings on anything but the receiver is now starting to worry me. The mag also has NO markings on it, also a worry when there are no other USA markings.

    I can found no PROOF that this is anything but a 14/1 assembly, Should I trust the dealer, or do you think I should start swapping out parts?
  18. Guyver

    Guyver No Doubt!

    I couldn't be happier with mine.... smoothest trigger I've seen, and it is an absolute blast to fire.... The shorter barrel makes for a very small package compared to most AK pistols.
  19. One of my favorite AKs-a highly modified CURII in 5.45x39mm.

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