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The new guy

Discussion in 'Safety Harbor Firearms' started by tokarevsvt, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. tokarevsvt

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    Sep 25, 2005
    Safety Harbor FL
    Just wanted to say Hello to all the Glock Talk members - I will be using this forum to post about new stuff we are working on (the ones I can talk about), things going on in the shop and just general rants (we all have those days)

    If your a customer of ours and you have questions/concerns/suggestions and that wont take up a page of text feel free to ask away. I have found sometimes (alot of times) its easier to use the phone - saves alot of typing time. If you do email and I am little brief with my reply dont feel bad - everyone gets the same treatment - its a time thing.

    We also are looking for customer pics - Camo paint jobs, Hunting trophys, legal things you used as a target and ect. We will add them to our sites with your OK

    For those of you who visit You Tube and Facebook we have pages there too. Just type in Safety Harbor Firearms and our stuff will pop up.

    Thanks - Be safe and let the games begin :wavey:

    Walter Keller
    Safety Harbor Firearms Inc.
    727-726-2500 shop
    727-797-6134 fax
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