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  1. Finally made it to the range today to test out my new underwood carry ammo. I got the 200gr. xtp. Wanted to make sure they would cycle properly like any intelligent person should.

    1st of let me say, WOW. This ammo feels awesome to shoot. Haven't had that much fun since shooting my friends S&W 500. The cases seem to eject a mile.

    It was close to dusk so the bugs where terrible. The mosquitoes have been bad since all the rain we got this spring.

    Lastly, I was very disappointed as my 20sf didn't seem to cycle very well. I have a 22lb recoil spring. I only fired 18 rounds and picked up brass before I had to get out of there, but I had 8-10 failure to feeds. I just bought this gun a short time ago. I'm going to go back out tomorrow and try some more with the stock RSA. We shall see if it was that or a magazine issue. 2 of the F2Fs left rounds standing straight up in the mag. It is a 3rd gen 20sf for those who are wondering. It also happened mostly in the middle of the magazine. First 3-4 rounds cycled fine and the last 3-4 cycled fine.

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  2. What was failing on the gun to make you change to a 22 lb. recoils spring?

  3. Nothing really. I had gotten one for my 23 when i owned that and it worked out very well. I like the heavier guide rod. I went slightly heavier than stock with the 23. Didn't go that heavy, but then it didn't shoot hot 10mm loads either. People seem to be split on here as to whether a heavier spring was needed. Figured if I was getting a new guide rod I might as well get it with the heavier spring.
  4. What spring / rod are you using? The Wolf springs tend to bind sometimes in the G20 near the end of the slide travel; pull the slide back slowly and see if you feel any binding.
  5. Taterhead

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    The stock RSA should clean this up. I've experienced the exact same problem with a heavier Wolff spring and hot 200 gr XTPs. The stock RSA is 100%.
  6. no binding. It would catch the round in the slide.
  7. dryfly

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    Same here !
  8. Taterhead

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    The forward return of the slide is getting there a bit too quickly, I would guess, as the result of the increased slide velocity.
  9. nickE10mm

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    You have two things working against you; both of which are resulting in shorter cycle times: 1) HOT ammo and 2) stronger recoil springs. Remember, the higher your recoil spring weight, the harder you have to hold your pistol to prevent cycling issues.

    My suggestion would be to go back to stock recoil spring and see how that works.

  10. I got back out to the range and fired off a few rounds with the stock RSA. Worked flawlessly, like I thought it would. 2 things I noticed today, though. 1. Recoil didn't seem to be quite as bad. I think at least some of this is due to the fact that I knew what the ammo was going to be like. 2. There seemed to be much more residue in the barrel and gun. Would this be because the stock RSA isn't holding the slide/barrel in place as long?
  11. nickE10mm

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    Anytime you use a heavier recoil spring, perceived recoil will go up.... THUS, your stock recoil rod will have a lighter recoil as it gives the slide LONGER to eject and reload the pistol. The impulse is slower (takes LONGER) which is why it doesn't seem as ABRUPT (which is typically what heavy recoil is all about)

    As for the soot on the pistol .... its possible that the slide is staying open a bit longer.... Just curious, how does your brass look from today, especially compared to last range trip with heavier recoil spring?
  12. they all look great. A little dirty, but no smileys or any deformations at all that i can tell.

    *I should also say that this is all normal brass from his last batch he put up for sale. I know some people had problems with the nickel plated brass he was using for a time.
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  13. dryfly

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    Those bad boys come out of my 29sf like little nuke warheads..... and for me they also show better consistent accuracy then the DT and BB loads that I have tried.
    Need me some more UA 200gr XTP's very soon....

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