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  1. Glockstore has real problems. I have had orders there for over one month. Can never get through, busy signal or the phone just rings forever. They told me that some of my order was 12 weeks backordered. It's not how you deal with orders when things are running normal, it's how you react to things when they are crazy that tells me about a company. Glockstore dropping the ball big time.

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  2. I've been constantly checking and the refund showed up this morning, but with a timestamp of yesterday. I put in for it two days ago. Just FYI.

    My saga with these guys is complete.


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  3. I placed an order in early February. Shortly thereafter was charged an amount less than order total.

    Today I sent an email requesting ship or cancel. A few minutes later I got a ship notice/tracking number via email.

  4. 904g27

    Admittedly, I have only read thru the first and fourth page of this thread so far, but here is my experience...still with no update:

    Order placed on DECEMBER 27 because (and ONLY because) their website did NOT say they were out of stock. If it had, I would not have ordered from them. There are gunshows in my town every other weekend.

    I got an automated reply right away that stated I would be getting another email "within a few minutes". What a joke. The next email I got was not until January 6th ! Whats that TEN DAYS ???

    The email I did receive on January 6 gave me an order number finally, but still didn't say anything about a backorder. At the time of my purchase, there were no notices on the website either stating there was a backorder environment with them.

    I placed the order thru their site as a guest, so I cannot check the status of my order even though I've subsequently created an account hoping for that type of access. I don't have a problem typing in a little info to get an update instead of spending all day on a phone. You would think they would welcome this.

    To this date, there is a $160 bill potentially about to hit my checking account and I have absolutely no idea WHEN or even IF it will ever happen.

    I also did as others have mentioned ....sent email thru their online "Leave a message" window with absolutely NO acknowledgement or reply.

    If I ever do get my order, I can assure you, I won't be using them again. All of my friends already know what I think of them.

    I really wish I'd looked at the threads regarding this guy and his outfit before I placed that order.
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  5. CA Escapee

    CA Escapee Finally!

    I called each of the GlockStore's phone numbers numerous times today. The (858) 569-4000 number will ring a certain number of times/minutes, then you'll get a message something like, "Your party isn't answering the call, (no kidding?) please call back later." So, I switched to their (800) 601-8273 number. A couple of times it timed-out and hung up with no one answering, then, a gentleman answered.

    I told him I wanted to cancel an order. He asked for the invoice number and I gave it to him. He said, "You already called on the 20th and canceled it, " I don't understand what you mean." I said yes, I canceled the remainder of the order, the magazines, and asked for a refund on the rest of the shipping charges, and I haven't received the refund for the shipping charges on the entire order.

    He said something like well, "We can't just UPS something out to you, (Glock holster,) and have you expect to get a refund unless you return it. And, UPS has a minumum charge for shipping, even if you ship a rock." Then, I reminded him the holster came to me in a $5.20 USPS Priority Mail box and that I paid $16.20 for shipping the entire order. He said, hold on I'll transfer you to mumble, mumble, and put me on hold.

    About a minute later another gentleman answered the phone and said, "David" said you'd like to cancel an order and get a refund. He looked up the order and knew I had called last month to cancel it. He didn't understand why I was calling again to cancel it until I told him I never got a refund on the additional shipping charges. I explained the whole thing from the start, then he understood I never got a refund. The second guy I spoke to was all about customer service. He was courteous and listened to my situation.

    Bottom line, they're refunding the difference in the shipping charges without the usual handling fees, stuff.

  6. Yepp I live in San Diego and have gone to their showroom a couple times. They are very customer unfriendly. Sad thing is that it was that way before the rush to buy any type of parts, mags or guns. Unless you are a Freind of theirs then they come from around the counter to greet you and help you first.
    They suck in person also.
  7. CA Escapee

    CA Escapee Finally!

    Well, I thought the saga was over.

    I received an e-mail from the GlockStore this morning. It's telling me:

    "To our valued customers,

    Thank you for your order. On March 8, we made a charge to your credit card for in stock items. These items are now moving into our shipping department. Due to the large volume of orders, it is taking 5-7 business days for us to physically ship the items out of our warehouse."

    It doesn't sound like they've canceled the order.

  8. WOW! Glad i found this thread before i placed an order for G30SF lol. :wow:
  9. I would not order anything from them they honestly do not take care of there customers there. In person they are rude. I have been there and was being help and when they leave the counter to get what I wanted to buy they went to the back to get my parts when they came back they not only did not have my stuff they started helping somebody else who was one of there friends who they welcome very nicely and just left me standing there. They suck and all the employees act that way. I hope lenny reads this
  10. For those who may be interested, I emailed and PM'd Per his post on 2/20/2013 and as of 3/26 neither has been read or responded to in any way. Guess his offer to answer questions or concerns was nothing more than rhetoric.
  11. Pure damage control! I AM being patient....and still haven't received my very old old old order. When we outfoxed them and got in on a local number - until they shut that down too - they promised a few weeks. We should take bets on delivery in YEARS, not weeks. I'm guessing when they do finish that marvelous pile of orders that they see no need to add staff to service...they'll die from lack of business when pissed off customers go to their competitors who are managing to cope and communicate. Do you suppose many waiting customers are combing their old gun magazines for pictures of Lenny to use as targets at the range? A form of venting...would hope not mallicious....
  12. Sorry that I didn't read through the entire thread this may be redundant, but, the Glock Store is a very poorly run business. Looked them up on, " F " rating. Should have searched first. Here's my quick story: placed an order a month ago for 2 G30 mags, site took order, no mention of out of stock, placed another order one day later for a sight pusher. I look in my account and I do not see that the order ever went through, I try to call and no answer for a day ( phone rings 20 times and then you get that the number cannot be dialed ) next day I find out that my buddy has a pusher and so I try again to get status of order and cancel. Still no order on my account. Finally get someone and ask to cancel order and status of mag order, he explains that mags are back ordered and that they get mags in and ship them out daily, I just have to wait for my number to come up, I ask if I can cancel if necessary and he says no problem as long as the item hasn't shipped. Fair enough, I can wait. 1 week ago they charge my account and send an email that my items are in stock and that they will ship shortly. I already found mags so I begin to try and call daily, no answer, send an email, no reply. I figure, no big deal, who can't use spare mags. Today I realize that I need a couple of other parts of equal value and try to call and change order as they have not shipped yet. When I finally get someone on the phone they tell me sorry, but, my sight pusher shipped today. I explain that I had cancelled that order and had received any shipping confirmation/notification to this point. He explains that they cannot do the exchange until I receive and return the items that I cancelled in the first place. I explained that the items that they charged me for and have supposedly shipped do not even show up in my account on Even after he admits that this is no fault of mine he tells me sorry can't help you. I have placed and received three orders from ROCKYOURGLOCK and one from Glockmeister in the interim, I will never do business with the Glockstore again and considered filing a BBB complaint, but, obviously they don't care, they already have an " F " rating. I apologize for the rant and to the OP, but, in agreement they are a bad business and I wish that I would have found Glock Talk before I found the Glock Store.
  13. Even though I have had great Glock Store experiences before, who should I buy a conversion barrel from?
  14. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    Check out and see if they have what you want. I ordered a bunch of various things this past week and they were shipped the same day. And Dave answers the phone.
  15. jim7777b

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    When you finally get them on the phone they "poor mouth" instantly about how and why your order can/will be delayed up to a month after your card is charged. They have my last order---unless Lenny hires a bunch of new folks quick. :director:
  16. I just placed a " back order " for a Stormlake 45-10 conversion barrel with Brownells, who I have ordered from in the past. I called and they explained that they expected it by 4/19 and that they will not charge until they actually ship. I have placed a back order with them before. Good customer service and the phone and emails are always answered promptly. The price was right and I have time as I need to find the parts that I wanted form Glockstore elsewhere, will never give them my business again. Any suggestions on where to find SS RSA with 19 or 20 lb springs, Glockstore was the only place I found the upgraded spring and RSA sold together.
  17. 904g27

    Just an update to my original post #84, I placed my order on December 27th. I STILL have yet to hear ANYTHING. I got the "confirmation" email almost TWO WEEKS after I placed the order, but not a peep since. I ordered some Gen 4 mags and Kriss extensions. I ordered my Trijicon HD's last week from Grabagun, and an extended slide release from Brownells, also last week. I've received shipping confirmations on both already.

    GlockStore has really put themselves on the map now. We need a sticky thread at the VERY TOP just saying "DO NOT BUY FROM GLOCKSTORE", or at least "UNTIL YOU READ THE FOLLOWING"

    Why start a business if you're going to do things so half-assed ? I can understand the backordered parts. I cannot understand why GlockStore didn't clearly state on their site (the way EVERYBODY else does) when a part is OOS. I also don't get why they couldn't just send out some emails or make some phone calls.

    It really seems to me to be their way of tricking people into ordering from them. How sad. TBH, whenever I saw this guy's videos, I always came away with that overwhelming desire to go take a the second the camera stops recording, he's gonna put his gold chains and his leisure suit jacket back on. I guess its just about learning to follow your gut. I guess sleezy was pretty much on target.

    When the market took the dive originally, there were several sites that announced that they were "not accepting more orders" 'til they caught up with what they had. Why couldn't GlockStore do the same when it was so very obvious they were crashing.

    I haven't even tried to call them. At this point, its pretty much a joke...waiting to see how long it takes.
  18. Went to the Glockstore site yesterday to find that way of checking on my olde olde olde order - couldn't find anything. The message thing popped up offering service from their staff...right....typed it out far, no response, which makes sense since even though they offer that message thingie they don't bother reading the messages.

    I did notice the website is still advertising this, buy that...WHY??? YOU AIN'T GONNA SHIP IT TO ME....its total insanity.

    Funny how the other Glock accessory suppliers seem to be able to maintain their customer service...communicate....
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  19. I may be wrong but I feel that the glockstore is taking orders that they can't and have no desire to fill, unless the item is in stock. I bet if you tried to order a factory magazine floor plate or some other almost never ordered part it will ship. This is just a way to help clear out your inventory before closing the doors.
    I say this because I know someone with a small shop that says he could have been a millionaire if he could have gotten all the handguns, rifles, ammo, and reloading materials if suppliers could have filled his orders. Now he can't get stock to resale.
  20. I have replied to this thread once or maybee twice. So today I got a few different emails from replies from my friends here on Glocktalk. Anyway if you all look at quote #44 there is a guy by the name Brady that is a firearm instructor?????? Ha ha he he??? At the Glockstore. Anyway to my point he is trying to sugarcoat all the bad costumer service. You know I understand that alot of items are hard to get right now and I am so so so glad I have not ordered anything from them but if you can not fulfill an order Glockstore don't lead peaple on for months even that's terrible. Further more I live in san Diego and the complaint I made in my other post here on Glocktalk is that your costumer service SUCKS I have been in your guys closet size showroom and way before any of this shortage of firearm products was going on the staff there was so completely awful and rude. Plain and simple you guys give bad service. Now this goes to all my friends here on Glocktalk and all other shooting friends just DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM IF YOU WANT TO GIVE YOUR MONEY AWAY PLEASE AND I ASK YOU PLEASE JUST GIVE IT TO ME AT LEAST WHEN I THANK YOU IT WILL BE FROM THE HEART. SO AGAIN DON'T GIVE YOUR MONEY TO the glockstore GIVE IT TO ME OR JUST KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF. HA HA HA

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