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  1. My mistake, I didnt remove the fire pin safety first. After speaking with Patrick from the GS, he pointed out what I failed to do. The product works as Lenny advertised. Great tool!! (Trigger reset kit & magic bullet)

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  2. OK, another update... I called the 858 number for Glockstore last Monday and was told that all my in stock items had been pulled and would be shipped by end of week. The charged my card for these items on 02/04. Well, as of 02/24 I still have no valid tracking number, no items, and no hope. I didn't even order mags, ammo, or reloading supplies. My order was for $300 worth of stainless RSA's, DVD's, and decal grips. This is just sad.:freak:

  3. 805-486-5800 was a busy signal?? Strange we have a full CS department these days......

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  4. I guess I was one of the chosen ones, I dialed that 858-569-4000 and within 4 rings I got hold of a nice young lady who was able to transfer me to a guy in customer service, explained I hadnt received a e-mail RE a purchase I made 3 days ago. He was nice enough to explain they are that far if not farther behind in processing new orders. He pulled my order and processed it(obviously I wasnt buying mags). I let him know how upset people are with their service right now and he said he would pass it on.
  5. I tried to order some parts from Glockstore on the 15th, but I found the parts cheaper on Ebay and Amazon, and got them without waiting for weeks. Also, Glockstore was charging me $15 shipping for $35 worth of small Glock parts- little springs, spring cups, a FP spacer, little slide and trigger parts. Insane. Even though the parts were a buck or two higher on Ebay, free shipping vs Glockstores $15 ship charge made the Ebay prices about the same or lower.
    I ordered a couple of mag springs on the 19th from Glockstore and haven't heard from them but it's only been a week. I tried to order from Glockmeister twice, on the 15th and again on the 19th, but both times, I found the parts from somewhere else, and so I canceled both orders. . Both times the parts came without delay, once from Ebay, and once from MidwayUSA.
    Britnee at Glockmeister was fast in responding to my requests for order cancellation.
  6. I placed an order on the 24 of January and have had the same experience. Won't answer the phone or emails. Ill try the new number posted.
  7. I placed an order over 2 weeks ago. I've sent 4 emails to the address they specify for order inquiries, just asking for an update on shipping or if the item was backordered, and have yet to hear anything back.

    I tried calling a bunch and could never get through, except once finally yesterday - and I got put on hold for a long time only to eventually, just as I was about to hang up, get someone who was kinda rude with the whole thing. And I was polite about it too, not aggressive or anything.

    "It should ship this week I'm sure".

    I said alright, thanks.. and got off.

    At least Midway shot an email blast out saying they were overwhelmed and would get stuff shipped asap..

    I don't plan on ordering from glockstore again. Maybe I'm a bit harsh but, you know, I've just had better experiences elsewhere and will stick with them here on out.
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  8. Phases, I got through 3 different times and was told "It will definitely ship by the end of this week". One of those calls I had to listen to them smacking food while taking my call. They billed my card on the 4th and as of today (2/26) I still don't have any of my items.

    Forgot to mention they charged me $48 shipping for 20 small items like recoil springs, decal grips, and DVDs.:faint:

    Just to refresh I placed my order back in mid January. I ordered NO magazines,ammo,frames,slides, or guns.:whistling:
  9. I placed an order with them on Feb 21 and another on Feb 23. We'll see how it goes.
  10. So, any ideas how to get my $300 back from the Glockstore? My calls no longer get answered. The phone (at the 858 number) will ring awhile then you can hear someone pickup and immediately hang up without saying a word. Emails and website pop up messages aren't responded to except by the same damn form letter whining about how busy they are and how hard they are having to work. He;;, I'm on ssi disability and it's hard to come by. Now these idiots won't respond to me and won't send my items. All I get is lies and the runaround.

    Short of contacting the BBB (which won't get my money back) or small claims court, I don't know what to do. I don't have a credit card so the money was drawn straight from my credit union via debit card. I'm so frustrated I feel like b i o t c h slapping somebody. I will never order from any of Lenny Magills rip off enterprises again.
  11. In one of my emails I asked for either a reply, or a refund. That didn't work. Just FYI!

  12. I ordered two Glock 19 10 rounds mags about two months ago and they showed in stock ay the time ordered. Have never received one iota of feedback on status from Glockstore. Their problem is a lack of commitment to cuatomer service. No one expects magical inventory to appear, but decency in customer service is a minimal expectation. Without that what does the Glockstore have to offer. They will not be on my preferred supplier list once this supply shortage settles down.

    P. S. I tried to call them multiple times to cancel my order but no one answers the phone.

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  13. Looks like they stopped answering the other number now.
  14. I emailed them again this morning.

    My current intentions are to give them until Monday to hear a response or see a shipping alert. That will be over 3 weeks total for me. Assuming I don't hear anything I'm going to call call call until I get someone, then see how many supervisors up I can go.

    I'm going to ask for a full refund, and depending on how easy I get it, going to file a BBB report. It won't do much good but it's an option.

    Looks like they have a number of complaints already:

    I'm also going to mention the several other unhappy people here.

    I know some of you may be thinking "Dude it's only been 3 weeks, in this business in this day and age, you're lucky to.." but, you know, it doesn't take a lot to keep me strung along. A simply reply would do, of almost any update/news. But this is ridiculous. Busy times or not.

    That's my opinion anyway. So that's my plan, and to not use or recommend them in the future. I've worked with 4 other sites thus far since I got into this handgun thing and thus far they have been great. (Or it hasn't been enough time to tell, as I just ordered stuff from two other sites the other day. But they gave me expected turnaround time, so we'll see.)

    p.s. We applied and got printed for our permits yesterday. They said turnaround is about 5 weeks right now for our area. Wife and I have a $13.47 bet on which will come first. She bet on the glockstore order. :p
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  15. Even though your card is a debit card, it might have been run as a Visa. If so, you are covered by all of the same protections as a regular Visa card.

    You could contact the number on the back of the card and see if you have any recourse. Might be worth a call.
  16. I would declare to the bank that this transaction was a fraud, and accordingly any charges should be considered disputed. On the basis, the bank should then credit your account with the funds previously taken out based on the fraud. Just my two cents for what it's worth.

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  17. CA Escapee

    CA Escapee Finally!

    I ordered four magazines and a Glock holster on January 12th. I received just the holster in early February. They charged me 15.99 for the holster,(I've seen them for less,) and $16.20 for shipping on the entire order. The holster came in a $5.20 Priority Mail box.

    I've found magazines locally for the same price, so I called them and canceled the remainder of my order. The guy I spoke to said they'd cancel the rest of the order and refund the difference in the shipping.

    As of today 3/2 they haven't refunded the difference for the shipping.

    I'd like to know why they take orders for items they don't have in stock. Their website gives you no indication that they're out of magazines. Midway's website and others will tell you whether an item is in stock or not.

    Regardless of how this turns out this will be the last order I ever place with the Glockstore.

  18. It took me about 20 calls but I got through this morning and cancelled my order. With any luck the refund will hit in a reasonable amount of time.

    I'm never ordering from again.

    Now, anyone know where else I might can find a SS guide rod with a user select-able spring weight? Or even just the spring?

    I was trying to get a 14lb G27 spring. Stock is 16. (right?)

    If so, please reply on my thread meant for this, I don't want to take this one off topic. Thanks..
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  19. Go to Ebay. There's sellers there with 5-digit ratings. They ship that same day, or next day at the latest, and it's the same stuff. Also check There's plenty of sellers there too of Glock parts, and they ship promptly.
  20. FWIW Here is my experience with Glockstore. I ordered 4 10 round G19 Mags on 1-9-13. On 1-23-13 I got an email with an order number assigned. Considering what is going on I figured that wasn't to bad. My credit card was not charged until 2-28-13. I hope that means they are on the way. If so, positive experience. I didn't set up an account with my order so I can't check on shipping status, but I will update when they arrive.
    I understand others having bad experiences,and I sympathize, but I just wanted to share my experience.

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