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  1. A quick update on my orders with Glockmeister & The Glockstore.
    I ordered 10 Round Mags for my Glock 19 on Jan 7th from both places. I received confrimation from Glockmeister and during the next month notices asking for patience and on February 9th I received my order. Not a word from Glockstore, I know it is a busy time, but customer service is still important.

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  2. I finally called the secret "858" number, spoke with a real human and cancelled my pending (since 01/05) order -- after I sent 2 website messages and a FAX, all requesting email confirmation of cancellation. After speaking with the CBLF, I sent an email confirming the phone conversation, again requesting return email verification (my email was sent with return receipt, which I got). I think I finally drove a stake through the heart of this order...

    I don't expect to hear from them.

    I also don't expect I will be ordering from them any time soon.

  3. Its times like these where customer service is critical. With all Lenny's videos he's obviously customer service oriented in a sales sense when all is well. When TSHTF customer service has gone totally off Glockstore's radar. Glockmeister is struggling too - but at least hasn't quit customer service. Big difference. Many other vendors are coping with the same situation and maintaining customer service in the process. No clue why it seems such a difficult thing for Glockstore to do some way. Shutting off all communication is just plain bizarre behavior for any merchant.
  4. Hello all, My Name is Brady, I'm a firearms instructor with Glockstore. A gentleman came into our store the other day and mentioned that there was a lot of turmoil within the glocktalk community. I see a lot of your concerns and speculations about your orders and the direction Glockstore may or may not be taking or even that we decided just stop taking your calls. Here is the inside scoop, Things are down right crazy gents, I would hope some of you would understand that. Since Sandy Hook we were slammed with the perfect storm of orders from election, shootings, and holidays. Like all of you, people want their stuff before they pass some BS law that strips us of our rights. We are doing what we can. No one is purposely not answering your emails or not answering your calls, I can tell you we have a limited staff that are working round the clock to chip away at the 30,000 orders we received in 5 weeks. For those of you who understand we appreciate your patience, I appreciate your patience! if some of you would like, please feel free to PM me with whatever questions or concerns you have. I understand some of you are frustrated, so if you PM me keep it civil. Ill help and answer all questions to the best of my ability, that I can promise!
  5. I went through great diffiulty to place an order - the website wouldn't accept dropdowns to place an accurate order. 800 number was constant busy or unanswered ring, not even a voice mail. For 3 weeks Emails went unanswered. On line message thingie messages went unanswered...and I was totally unable to locate a local number - a surprise. Fine folk on this forum shared the local number and I was able to get through to a secretary who transferred me but to a busy signal. I called back later, waited 16 minutes, with the meter runing for long distance day rates, for the transfer to be placed but finally was able to get my questions answered and I did place the order. I am now waiting patiently.
    Thanks for a bit more inside information. Whatever the perfect storm is for all vendors others have found a way to answer their phones and respond to customers. Glockstore's decision not to do that is what has us concerned. We wouldn't be giving you this feedback and doing reality checks with each other if we weren't determined to place our orders. Seems most of us expect the same determination to deal with us as we've shown in dealing with you guys. Its one thing to expect our understanding, but we can't understand without communication. So appreciate this inside view...
    When do you expect Glockstore will be answering phones, email, and website message thingies again?
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  6. To be honest brother, that is up to supply, demand/politicians, and time. Like I said we are trying to chip away at a mountain of orders. Every gun shop is doing the same thing. Many are shutting down until they can catch up. One thing will be certain, we are not raising our prices!
  7. Yeah, My order went from pending(since Jan. 14th) to completed. Let you all know when it arrives! Another thanks to Riverkilt for the #! I finally got an answer from the GlockStore! (858-569-4000)
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  8. well, I guess I will add my $.02 now. I placed my order with Glockstore in mid January and although I received a tracking number almost immediately it is still showing non existent at UPS tracking. I have called, emailed, and filled out the pop-up contact us form several times with absolutely no return contact at all.

    While waiting for Glockstore to fill and ship or even just acknowledge my order, I have ordered from Dillon Precision, Underwood Ammo, Amazon, and CDNN and have received courteous prompt communication, helpful customer service, as well as getting all my items in an amazing amount of time. Underwood really shocked me by having my items to me after ordering on a Friday night after close of business on a holiday weekend, delivered to me by fedex early the following Wednesday morning.

    Like others have stated, I'm patient, but pissed with how dang hard it is to get any response from Glockstore on my $300 order. Never again! Glockstore has shot themselves in the foot as far as future orders from me.
  9. It seems strange that this poster just joined the forum in February.
  10. Just received my order today(Feb 13th) that I ordered on the 14th of Jan, happy as a lark until I tried the trigger reset kit and found that the striker(firing pin) is to big for my G19. The firing pin lug is too wide to fit in the open channel of the slide. Prob for the G20/21 if I had to guess. Did get through on first call today to confirm but the guy that makes the kits was not in at the moment. They stated he will return my call today. (Still waiting) Just wish they would send me new striker assembly for the G19 than to wait to hear from them. LoL

  11. Did anything ever come of you showing them the post?
  12. Also wanted to post that Glockmeister had excelent service and shipping times. Just ordered an aditional 10 round factory mag for my G26 and they installed the PG-26xl on it for me. @ days shipping form time I ordered it.
  13. Well, I still haven't seen my items that Glockstore charged my account for 10 days ago, but I wanted to give a big thumbs up to B o t a c h Tactical :thumbsup:who is also out of California for filling 2 orders for me in the time I've been waiting:fred: to get info on my order from Glockstore.
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  14. Tapoli

    I brought a couple of items from ****** Tactical just recently and in matter of days I got confirmation that it was shipped. After reading some of the stuff here about them I was worry but no issues.
  15. They do charge shipping on your first shipment, so if items are back ordered, those will be covered by what you paid for shipping originally.

    Looks like I am getting three seperate shipments... Shipment #2 arrived this week (40-9 barrel). They do give 10% discount on Internet orders!
  16. My CC was just charged from The Glockstore, this is the first notice that my ordered was even received. I'll post when I receive it. BTW, the order is for 2 10rd Glock 19 magazines.
  17. I ordered g19 from glockstore on 12/28. Order arrived on Monday 2/11. I got through about 1x a week after 20 min of constant dialing to check on order status. Spoke w/Lenny at least twice and he said they're flat out, hiring more people and adding more comps and phones. I think my experience there was about the same as any other online shop right now. Heck, cabellas is going on 8 weeks on an ammo order for me.
  18. Try getting hold of Glockworx, impossible. I'm beginning to wonder if they're still in business.

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  19. I ordered on 1/18. got a "processing" email on 2/1 and called today to get an update. Just a busy signal.

    Should I be concerned? I emailed them so hopefully I get a reply.
  20. There's a non toll free number somewhere in this or another glockstore thread that is supposed to ring through.
    I called the 800 number probably 30 or 40 times while working (thank you headset) before I got through. Keep trying someone will answer and hopefully give you good info.

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