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  1. You're right, the G36 is a great pistol, and it is NOT going anywhere soon. It is still the slimmest pistol Glock makes. It's over all width is 1.10 in. The new G30S does have a 1.10 slide (the G36 slide) but it's mounted to the G30 SF slide which is still 1.27 wide. When you're trying to conceal a gun the width of the frame (lower) and the width of the grip is just as important as the width of the slide. And that is where the width of the G36 shines.

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  2. GRT45

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    The width of the slide on a G36 and G30S is 1.004” ± 0.002” The width dimension Glock, Inc. provides in their pistol specs is measured on the grip at the widest point (about 1/4" below the mag release button near as can be determined by careful measurements of several pistol models and checked against Glock specs). The diagrams on the Glock website appear to show a slide width but it has been shown that is not the case. The width of the G30/30SF slide is 1.126” ± 0.002”. See the work of GT member Sonnytoo and others on this topic.

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  3. As the man himself said "Its jumpy and runs out too soon"
  4. Haaa, no I didn't know that. I'm pretty new around these parts.

    Man, that guy can shoot!

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  5. I chose the G-36 because it was a .45acp pistol in a very concealable package. The single stack thin grip fits my hand nicely.

    The previous owner had factory adjustable rear sights installed and he also installed a Bar-Sto barrel as well. I have put a couple of hundred rounds through mine without a hitch.

    I carry mine in a G-Code kydex paddle holster with an extra mag carried in a Blackhawk kydex mag pouch....


  6. I carry a G36 daily,its one of my favorite Glocks.
  7. *Slim
    *Easy to carry
    *Great cartridge
    *Glock dependability

    If Glock made a full size (8 round) single stack .45 I would by it tomorrow!

  8. I love Hickok45 videos! Especially the one where he shot a gong with G27 at over 230 yards, factory sights! He's my
  9. I have to say I am very disappointed. I purchased the gun for all the reasons stated previously. I have smaller size hands so the slow single stack was a factor, .45 caliber stopping power - I have mostly 1911's so plenty of .45 caliber ammo and for Glocks (so I thought) legendary reliability.

    My problem with the gun is it is a jammer. At the range yesterday it was jamming every two to three times with every 24 rounds (I have 4 factory magazines). The occasional stove pipe and several times the spent shell was not ejected and actually stuck between the slide and the barrel. Not at all what you want for a carry gun.

    I need to research the problem on this fine forum, if not I will post a separate thread on it. By background I have a third generation, purchased new, and shooting only boxed ammo (no reloads). I have about 500 rounds through the gun so far.
  10. Willy, I tend to believe that about 50% of the G36's out there that people hate and claim to be defective are simply suffering from the grip/wrist effect on the cycling of the gun.

    Not accusing you of Limpwristing, I have no data about you but what you posted.

    BUT, since it's your only Glock among mostly 1911's, there's a fair chance that you're very accustomed to the solid, heavier frame of the 1911's which are very forgiving when it comes to this. Glock's polymer frame does absorb some of the recoil, but also causes the gun to be more sensitive to grip/wrist issues.

    The 36 has a bit of recoil due to its reduced size and weight. It does take a good, firm grip and locked wrist--certainly moreso than a 1911.

    For those of us with 36's that haven't been a problem, the negative press for them is baffling. I'd say the easiest way to root out the issue would be to use a good, solid gun vice of some sort and see if the problem persists.

    Has anyone else fired it with the same issues?

    I hate to believe that there are outright defective 36's out there, but it seems there have been a few, unfortunately.
  11. Hi - thanks for the response. I was not sure if the problem was on my end either. I had my son shoot the gun on a few occasions including yesterday at the range. The gun jammed twice for him also in about the 30 rounds he fired. He has a Glock 30 and was with law enforcement so he has lot's more experience with Glocks than I do. He also is considerably larger than me in stature so I don't think it is a problem with a limp wrist.

    I do have another polymer frame gun (an H&K) which have never given me any problems.

    I will do a search and if need be do a separate post to see if I can get any more details on my dilemma. I want to keep the gun as I have splurged on several new factory magazines and holsters but can not deal with the unreliability I have experienced so far. I live in Atlanta GA, so I don't mind even bringing it to Glock if they will let me.


  12. Well, that's a shame.

    Certainly sounds like grip/wrist is not the issue.

    Hope you can get 'er runnin reliably. Great little gun for carry.

    Good luck and let us know if you have any revelations.
  13. Bill, Sorry to hear about the problems. Send it to Glock and let them take a look at it.
  14. From the other threads I read its fairly easy; just drive on over and they'll take care of you quickly. Good luck!
  15. I doubt Glock will be discontinuing the G36 now that NY has come out with a 7 round mag limit, and CA is set to introduce a 6 round limit.
  16. I bought my first glock about 10 days ago ( used, but barely fired, G 36) . I disliked the pebbled grips, but loved the feel of the weapon. So I googled on grip sleeves for G36, and ended up buy a Hogue small grip sleeve ( which didn't cover enough) and ended up using a bike inner tube ( which works like a charm and is great to shoot) . The G36 is much more accurate than my previous 1911 ( Thomson Arms), and is likely to be a winter carry piece. It carries mighty well in the cheap Fobus G36 paddle holster. The G36 is a sweetheart ! :)

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  17. Not me. I'll take my XDS everyday of the week
    and twice on Sunday.
  18. The testers in Hand Guns April/May .45 compact shoot out
    test had these same problems with their test G36.

  19. Couldn't agree more.
    It's a silly gun.
    Exactly the same awkward grip as the G30.
    What do I care about the slide width if I can't hold the gun properly?
  20. And should we believe a rumor from a lower-case "i"...? :supergrin:

    Like to see some documentation on this one - the current batch seem to be trouble-free.

    And. w/ the Soviet Province of New Yorkistan (Moscow on the Hudson) specing it as the ONLY Glock now Legal in the Province...?

    Yep, want to see this one.


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