The foolishness of Civil War reenactors

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    And I think that like most ardent neo confederate kool aid drinkers you are delusional. Mr. D is not even a historian he is a economist.

    His central thesis is the claim that slavery was not the main issue of secession. The statements of the southern leaders before and during the war, their articles of secession, the speeches and letters of their secession commissioners, and the topic (slavery) of the presidential debates between Douglas and Lincoln prove that he is wrong.

    Here is a debate Between Dilorenzo and Harry Jaffa one of the premier Lincoln scholars.

    No sounds more like modern Liberal pap that wants to insist that war be conducted like a police action instead of war.

    OMG, bad things happened during a war, who would have thought???


    And the Yankees were not the only ones rampaging, Confederate deserters where causing a huge problem and doing a great deal of damge to southern citizens themselves. And we have no less an authority on this than Robert E. Lee himself.


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    No authoritative Biography of Lee includes this because it is highly disputed since it was based on hearsay and not actual first hand account.

    More evidence of your historical illiteracy and the fact you do not check your facts. FS Stockdale was elected Lt. Governor in 1863. He was Governor from May 1865 until August of 1865.

    The South did not go in peace, they were the beliegerents, they were the ones threatening war and committing acts of war in seizing the Legal property of the Union and firing on Union Ships and forts.

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    And that is precisely the kind of society the South had and the elite wanted to keep.

    A few quotes Southern "thinkers" of the time.

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    If this account is true, not just more "noble Robert E Lee" myth making, it is likely a post war covering up by Lee. He was part of a group of southern aristocrats that led the south, his people, into a total disaster. I'm not sure if it is evidence of guilt for sending 100s of thousands of southern men to their death or crippling for no good reason, and destroying the economy of that region.

    It seems ridiculous that he expected to be treated as just another old guy when so many of his countrymen wanted him executed for treason. That may not have been the law; but that was what many thought.

    He had the chance to die for his cause, as some other confederate generals did, but he declined.
  5. I say again. Just read the books.....Quote or paraphrase from any of them and dispute them. Dispute for me Lincoln's rape of the Constutition. The arrest of thousands without trial or conviction. The unconstutitional formation of the state of West Virginia. The loss of thousands of votes from hostile Western Virginia counties.The smashing of printing presses by Union troops the intimadation of citizens at the ballot places by Union troops....ohh theres that Neo Confederate pap again...Dispute the book "The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln" Larry Tagg, and the dozens of offical records and direct quoted from NORTHERN neswpapers that he shut down or destroyed with Union bully boys.

    I'm still waiting.

    I still see only selective vindictiveness and and selective indignation about slavery. Union war crimes, even against free and slave blacks? Not to mention against defenseless women, children and the infirm? Pfffft! All Neo Confederate pap. We got in our time machines and wrote the diary entrys and the offical reports. Dang! You found us out!

    And the wait goes on.

    Deo Vindice!
  6. Read the books. Dispute them line by line. Any of them. Pick one. Dispute for me Jefferson Davis' Farewell Address to the Senate. Dispute for me his 1st and 2nd Inaugural Address. Dispute for me how the colonies acted as independent states before and after the Revolutionary War. Each state knew they could leave the "union" of other colonies and states at will.

    Heres another reference to check out. (Not that you won't dismiss it unseen out of hand, but others won't) Southern History Series Volume l & ll other pamphlets and DVDs are available. There is one talk given over completely to "Secession and the Law of God".
    Historical Presentations by Edward R. De Vries, Th.D.

    c/o P.O. Box 618 Lowell Fla.

    Seems to me on at least one occasion towards the end of the war Lee had to be restrained by his men from leading the attack personally. They took hold of Travelers reins and forced him back to safety. (Ohhh dear that is probably a Southern Myth too! Funny how anything I offer is a myth or a falsehood, and damn the references offered; they being lies too and lies told by other liars) As a sidelight, Jackson, Longstreet, JEB Stewart, Cleburne, et al were often in the hottest parts of the battle. Dozens of those brave men died for their bravery. There were no treason trials because they knew it wouldn't stick. Thousands of Confederate soldiers would have taken to the hills and the fighting could have went on for decades. At a word from Lee they would have; Grant and Sherman feared that worse than anything. Read the books. See the History Channel's "Lee and Grant", if you don't wish to look it up for yourself. (Ohhh poop! They probably are lying about lots of historical facts too)

    I'll be waiting.

    Deo Vindice!
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    "Seems to me on at least one occasion towards the end of the war Lee had to be restrained by his men from leading the attack personally. They took hold of Travelers reins and forced him back to safety. "

    Then Lee was no longer the boss.
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    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Lee surrended. The CSA went **** up after the revolt failed. The CSA never achieved diplomatic recognition from anyone. The CSA never was a legitimate country. It is dead in the water. Too bad for the CSA.
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    That is what I was thinking.
    It was all a ploy. In an effort to appear honorable, he didn't really want to go to the front and had someone setup to redirect him so as to not have to go.

    Then again I always had respect for Lee and assume the above episode was made up by southerns after the war.
  10. Yes. Too bad for our Constutitonal Republic. It went **** up after the "rebellion" also. If you think Lee wasn't the "boss" before, during, and after the above mentioned incident, you need to check your history.

    Deo Vindice!
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    Subordinates provide information, proposals, and opinions to commanders. I have difficulty imagining other American warriors such as a General Custer, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt, the WWI General Douglas MacArthur, General George Patton, General Joseph Stillwell, General Creighton Abrams and others after making a decision to get closer to the foe being restrained by over solicitous lackeys. This does not exclude ”inspirational theatrics” used as motivators at crunch time. Perhaps in the incident cited, Lee used some theater arts training, he had no real intention to lead the charge; otherwise he was weaker or more indecisive at times than he would have liked posterity to remember. We will probably never know.
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