The foolishness of Civil War reenactors

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by Smashy, Jun 27, 2011.

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    What a ****** :upeyes:

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    Great summary!



  3. His mommy forgot to tell him not to say anything if he couldn't say something nice.
  4. I think reenactors are harmless and can serve a good purpose. That is, until they start trying to justify slavery by pointing out that some northern states had them, or how well some Blacks were treated in the South.
  5. West World? Did he look like Yul Brenner?
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    So you are against reenactments because someone got stupid?

    I guess we should take away the guns from everyone who CCWs because there have been more than a few ADs.

    And I guess we should stop all gun shows because two idiots were able to fire not one but TWO rounds in a gun show a couple weeks ago.

    And I guess we should stop cops from having guns because of the stupidity down in New Orleans.
  7. I totally agree. I could only get a little over half way through reading the article before I gave up on it. Seems like meeting the author would be a real downer.
  8. Actually the author isn't a professional journalist, he is a professor of Civil War History at Western Kentucky University.

    Since he is nothing more than an ivory tower academic it makes sense that he talks out of his *** and belittles regular folk LOL.
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    I was a hardcore reenactor, our reenactments were never public events, always done on pvt land no spectators Our uniforms were exact replicas museum grade, not like mainstream reenactors
    to get into the reenactment you better be wearing all the correct stuff they will search you down to your underwear which better be hand sewn period correct
    it's a whole different animal then the reenactments the public sees
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    oops double post
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  11. Well if everything you guys know about the Civil War you learn from reenactments then you are in serious trouble. Actually I don't know why folks are so concerned about slavery after all, according to Michelle Bachmann:
    "But we also know that the very founders that wrote those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States."
    So obviously there was no slavery then! If you don't agree with history, just rewrite it! Problem solved!
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  12. So where do the Yankees reenact Sherman's army going through the South?

    Burning down barns, houses, towns, entire cities. Waging war upon civilians and kidnapping women, pillaging, looting, stealing everything they could get their hands on and destroying the rest.

    This is what helped win Lincoln's war.

    Now days we call it Terrorism.
  13. Carrys

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    I agree with all the above posts.

    As I said in an earlier post, it seems there's an awful lot of folks now a days that apparently feel just because they don't like something.....they are sent from on high with a duty to ensure no one else does it either.

    How come it, that when one person of a particular slant is against something, it must be banned/done away with........ for the "good of us all"?
  14. we rig a NASCAR race so Jeff Gordon wins at Talladega
  15. No. Now days we call it total war. You do what you have to do to win.
  16. Dalton Wayne

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    Sherman was/still is a hero for bringing that war to a swift end, we need a Sherman in A-stan
  17. G26S239

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    Do you ever have a positive thought? Or do you spend every waking hour mourning the demise of the CSA?
  18. How could you even apply the concept of Total War in A-stan?

  19. :rofl::cool:
  20. So are you saying that you support Terrorism?

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