The foolishness of Civil War reenactors

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by Smashy, Jun 27, 2011.

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    What gave it away...the cell phones?
  3. I saw this discussed on another forum. It turned into the usual north vs. south argument that we see here on GlockTalk for the most part.
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    Why is is foolishness?

    History should be remembered. If someone wants to dress up and remember history, so be it.

    I remember going to living history museums as a kid. There was one out west that had a mountain man. There was one in the smokies that has pioneers. There was one in a plain state that had different pioneers. I got a kick out of all of them. I probably learned as much from the play actors as the books.
  5. I dislike the tone and language of the article. Because the author is tired of the civil war, he is detracting reenactors? I don't really understand his overall point here. Reenactors are doing the leg work of teaching the average American about the civil war. I am fresh out of school (kind of) and I can tell you that students learn nothing from class. Going to reenactments and talking to the guys is how people learn. Some of what the author said is just plain incorrect. I've been reenacting for about 13 years in 2 states with probably 5 different units, confederate and union, and there have never been lotteries or any pre-planning of "who dies first" or when or how. I've also never heard a reenacter try to correct someone by saying they are a "living historian". I've heard people use that term before, but no reenactor I have ever met would be against being called a "reenactor". Also I dont know what spectators have "paid a hefty fee" to gain entry, but every reenactment I've been to has been on public land.

    I also dislike how the author brings up slavery. Maybe he forgets that free blacks serving in the confederate army were paid the same as whites, and that blacks in the union army were paid 1/3 the salary of whites and that the famous "buffalo soldiers" weren't paid at all. Or that the north had slavery until the 13th amendment AFTER the war was over.

    Like most authors about most things, this guy needs to get his facts straight. Also he should appreciate the efforts of those who share his passion for history and who put their time and effort into this hobby, which includes educating people. This guy gets paid to talk to scholars about things they probably already know on some level. Reenactors are volunteers who take time and money away from their lives to talk to average joe blow from the street about the Civil War.

    This article is an opinionated joke.
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  6. Outstanding post!

    The author of that article is, like most professional journalists, ill informed (at BEST) about what he wrote about.
  7. I agree the article was short sighted and closed minded about the importance of remembering history for history's sake. I am sure he is in the minority with his views.
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    Denigrating others because the author doesn't share their interests is bs. I wonder if Lafantasie would have been happy with opening up with real Cannon fire directed at the Fort at 4:30 am.:upeyes:
  9. Yeah. I just read about a living history wild west re-enactment where one of the participants decided to use live ammo. Shot some tourists.

    How's that for realism?
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    Don't be.'08.
  11. I read the link until I came across the above two quoted areas. Then I laughed at the author and closed the tab.

    Does this guy honestly think the re enactments should start at 4:30am just because the battle did? How many people do you think would be there to see it? I doubt many were there at 6:45am either.

    Apparently they should also use full power realistic explosions according to the author.
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    Even worse are irrelevant writers who reenact journalism and fail miserably at it.
  14. Good post
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    Hey it could be worse- it could be a Renaissance Festival.
    Now those people are goofballs.

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