The classic, iconic 9mm pistols - What are they?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by bac1023, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. I thought this would be a fun exercise, but its surely one for debate. I'm going to break it down into two tiers or levels based on just how iconic I think they are. I'm not talking about the highest quality guns (though most of these are very high quality pistols) nor am I talking about the most accurate (though some of these are indeed very accurate). I'm simply talking true icons in the world of 9mm autos. This list is what I came up with after some careful thought. Of course, its only my opinion. :cool:

    The first tier for me is a very short list. These are 9mms that have been involved in major wars and have are still very popular today for various functions or just nostalgia. In the case of the Hi-Power, its still in production today.

    Luger (several manufacturers)
    Walther P38 (or another manufacturer)
    Browning/FN Hi-Power

    A case could certainly be made for the Mauser Broomhandle. However, to me, it just doesn't have the popularity today to put it into this category. I'm sure others feel its on the same level as the other three. If so, put it in your list below. To me, the Hi-Power is the all time classic of 9mm pistols, but some would say the Luger is since the round was designed for the pistol. :)

    For me, the second tier has a few more pistols in it. Most of these are modern classics that are still being produced today.

    Here are my choices in no particular order.

    CZ 75
    Beretta 92
    Sig Sauer P226
    Sig P210
    Smith & Wesson 39
    Glock 17

    I know there are other classic Sig Sauer 9mms. In fact, the P220 and P225 predate the P226. However, it was only the P226 that became the true icon, in my opinion. I was thinking of including the FB Radom 35, but, like the Broomhandle, I don't feel it has the popularity today to justify it.

    So, like it or not, that's my list. Here is a picture of them together. On the third row, I put a few honorable mentions. Within their tier, the guns are in no particular order.

    First tier: Browning Hi-Power, Luger, Walther P38

    Second Tier: Smith & Wesson 39, Beretta 92, Sig P210, CZ 75 (yes, I need an original), Sig Sauer P226 - Missing: Glock 17

    Honerable mentions: HK P7M8, Star Model B, FB Radom 35 - Missing: Broomhandle


    As you can see, only nine pistols made my list, with a few more that I thought were close. I think too many selections lessons the impact and these are the models that I feel deserve to be recognized.

    What do you think I'm missing? What would you add or delete? What's on your list? :dunno:

    Thanks :supergrin:

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  3. OldSchool64

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  4. Well, I did include the P210, though I used an older one for the pic. :cool:
  5. I see you already have my favorite on the list, HP35. I believe a Ruger P-series ought to be on the list, maybe a P89 or a P95.
  6. OldSchool64

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    What I don't see here is a Glock 7

    You know, the porcelain one.
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  7. I agree that a Ruger P Series needs to be included in there some place.
  8. fnfalman

    fnfalman Chicks Dig It

    The Mauser may not be around any more but it's even more recognizable than the Luger.

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  9. smith10

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    I think you nailed the list, especially being the Hi Power nut that I am.

    I would also add the Kahr series to the second tier.
  10. Very true

    Even the Star Wars blaster was modeled after it. ;)
  11. The Ruger P series guns are great, but I'm not sure I'd call them iconic.

    I guess its a matter of opinion. :)

    I will say that I think Ruger makes a couple iconic revolvers, the Single Six and Blackhawk come to mind.
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  12. Spiffums

    Spiffums I.C.P.

    Hi Point! Nothing says Hood Heater/Gat like a Hi Point.
  13. 12131

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    I'd add the Walther P5 to your second tier list, bac. JMO.
  14. Makarov?

    Can't leave Russian Cold War influence out of the discussion.
  15. I agree with your list. Maybe add an H&K USP into honorable mention or second tier though.

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  16. Sig P226, Beretta 92, and Glock 17 are probably the 3 most iconic ones still in production though. They will all be instantly identifiable, even to a lot of non-gun people.

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  17. I did think about including a Tok or Mak as an honorable mention.
  18. Very true, especially the Beretta and Glock. I doubt they would know the model number, but I bet they would know the brand.

    I wouldn't put the USP in the second tier with those though. For a split second, I thought about the HK VP70, as it was the first polymer pistol. However, it's certainly not a well known pistol and it wasn't successful.
  19. Now, "iconic" is different than "influential", but what the heck...

    Steyr GB, one of the early mega-nines, without which we would not have the Beretta 92.
  20. I would add the P38 since, unless I'm mistaken, it was the first widely issued DA/SA auto. This is a trend that is still followed by various militaries today.
  21. The GB definitely deserve a mention but the Beretta 92 series evolved from the M1951, so I think it would have came about regardless.

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