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The Browns

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. okie

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    Oct 28, 2001
    Muskogee Ok.
    A guy walks into a bar in Cleveland, Ohio with a dachsund under his arm....
    the dog is wearing a Cleveland Browns football helmet and jersey, and other ribbons and paraphernalia of the team. The bartender tells them to leave, because he doesn't allow animals in the bar.
    "Oh, please, " the guy says..."My TV is broken, and we're both big fans of the Browns...we just want to have a drink and watch the big opening day game on your set..."
    The barkeep relents, serves the guy a drink, and the game starts....the Browns take the opening kickoff, drive to the 30-yard line, and stall. They kick a field goal, and the dog jumps onto the bar and starts high-fiving all the other patrons....
    "WOW!" says the bartender...."That's amazing! What does he do when the Browns score a touchdown?"
    "I don't know," says the owner...."I've only had him for two years......"
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