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The Best Way To Protest

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by jasonub, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. jasonub


    Sep 28, 2003
    from the inquirer today:

    This i think is the best way to show how serious the opposition or anyone who wants to change the leadership through "extraconstitutional" means;f

    Instead of talking they should follow the japanese way;a ;f

    Man chops off hand in front of Japanese parliament--police

    First posted 10:32pm (Mla time) Mar 21, 2006
    Associated Press

    TOKYO -- A man almost completely severed his left hand with a machete in front of Japan's Parliament on Tuesday, apparently to protest his country's policy toward North Korea, police said.
    The 54-year-old man approached the front gates of the building by car, stepped out, silently placed his left hand against the hood of his car and swung the 40 centimeter (16 inch) blade down across his left wrist, according to Tokyo police official Hideyuki Yoshioka.

    The man, who identified himself as a member of a right-wing organization, then mumbled a few words about Japan's handling of the abduction of its citizens by North Korea in the 1970s and 80s. Police snatched the machete and rushed him to a hospital, Yoshioka said.

    The man "appeared to be in a lot of pain and his hand was hanging by a piece of skin," according to Yoshioka.

    Police later found a letter addressed to Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi criticizing Japan's policy on the abduction issue in the man's car, Yoshioka said.

    In 2002, North Korea admitted it had kidnapped 13 Japanese in the 70s and 80s to train spies in Japanese language and culture. Pyongyang allowed five victims to return to Japan later that year, saying the other eight were dead.

    But Tokyo has demanded conclusive proof of their deaths and further investigation into other suspected abductions. Talks between the two countries have failed to make progress and hard-liners have called for sanctions against the communist regime.

    Last October, another man linked to Japan's extreme right tried to commit suicide outside the prime minister's office by downing pesticide. Police said he was carrying a letter demanding that the premier pay his respects at a Tokyo shrine that honors Japan's war dead, including convicted war criminals.

    In the past year, a woman has also tried to kill herself by ritual disembowelment in front of Koizumi's office, demanding the leader resign.
  2. riddler


    Jan 19, 2001
    I don't think anybody in the opposition has the guts to do such a thing. What and why for, when all they have to do is open their mouths and the ignorant masa will follow them like the mice following the Pied Piper.

  3. PMMA97

    PMMA97 TagaBundok

    Nov 25, 2003
    For me the ultimate form of protest is the Buddhist way:

  4. jasonub


    Sep 28, 2003
    haha panalo yan imagine the minority spokesman doing that without a smile or emotion while burning with the pa cute mapugay eyes, and talking at the same time:supergrin:
  5. charlie-xray

    charlie-xray Gunpowder Adik

    Aug 11, 2004
    Pugad Baboy
    Hindi uubra sa pinas yan, people in power are so pathetically blinded by it, that's why they hold on to it like there's no tomorrow.