The best/most consistent .357 Magnum Ammo?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Jade Falcon, Nov 17, 2012.

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  2. Of course. Are you up on Excel sheets? Column E is advertised and F is actual.
  3. Oh. The green highlighted lines are ones I tested personally out of the same GP100. The others are compiled from videos and other data found on-line. Still searching for the money tree to finish them all up. I do a little at a time because I do from .44 down to .22 LR.
  4. Do you want know if he wore boxers or briefs as well? Relax!! :supergrin:

    Nice spread sheet. I have shot several of those loads in a GP100 3" and S&W Model 13 3" and my chrono results mimic yours almost exactly. Nice spread sheet. :wavey:
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    Sorry. I forgot I was on Glock Talk. I asked for too much data. I'm used to seeing that much, and a lot more, posted on some of my other sites.

    It is a nice spreadsheet though.
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  6. Thanks!

    It's always best to maybe see some data and do your own test if it interests you. I do retests and have found a few that have changed over time for the better and the worse. If you like one, doesn't hurt to do it again. I also swap ammo and have sold some off so I can keep the cycle going. It's crazy but I find most results regardless of where you are in the United States similar within reason. I really need to purchase a box of DoubleTap 125 and 158's and do a pull-down. I got some crazy results from my boxes of 2 year old DT and what I tested a couple of weeks ago. I'm wondering if the load changed!
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  7. Intecooler,

    I agree, nice work! This is a great reference sheet, I keep as detailed of statistics as I can with my test loads but is is always good to have not only a base line of numbers but a comparison as well.
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  9. Very nice work and spreadsheets! Definitely going to have to take a look at Underwood.

  10. Why? It is in line with your test. You will generally find more deviation from barrel to barrel that a 1 inch difference in length.
  11. 1500, 1600, 1700 with factory Federal Ammo. I haven't got close so I wanted to see a nice video of it.
  12. The best consistent 357ammo will be the one you handload for. But seriously, I never seen a bad load in 357magnum if you pick the right one for your application

    ie sd vrs hunting

    myself I 'm a fan of the 125gr 357man federal load for SD and known as the Federal Personal defense. It rocks out of the snubbie and easy to shoot

    If I was to hunt and to use a jacket bullet, it would be one of the classic Corbon Penetrators if you can still find them. The 180gr JSP was unbelieveable in stopping power. The same holds true for the10mm offering.
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    The .357 125gr is a highly-rated SD load.

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