The best grips ever!!

Discussion in 'Talon Grips' started by Joshhtn, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. Thanks for the welcome guys:wavey:

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  2. Love my grips, had mine for over a year now and no probs, gonna order one for my brother now........thanks Talon grip!!!

  3. D445547

    D445547 GT Sponsor

    You're welcome and thank you for another order! :wavey:
  4. just got the new grips i ordered for my brothers glock, nice usual!....Thanx again D
  5. D445547

    D445547 GT Sponsor

    No problem, thank you for another order! :cool:
  6. recycooler

    recycooler 9-11-2001

    G-36 grips soon??
  7. D445547

    D445547 GT Sponsor

    Yes, the die is being made right now and I am also doing a prototype for the Kahr PM9/ PM40. Once both dies are done I will have Talon Grips for both of them shortly thereafter. :wavey:
  8. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy
    Silver Member

    Wanted to post a pic of big Brother and little Brother:supergrin:


    Thanks once again for such a great product D!!:wavey:
  9. D445547

    D445547 GT Sponsor

    Thanks Josh! :cool:
  10. I just ordered the rubber talon grip for my glock 23. CANT WAIT TO TRY THESE OUT!!!!!!!!!! Is anyone else using the rubber ones? If so how are they?
  11. I have had the rubber ones for a few weeks. Very comfortable and allow me to get a much better grip on my Gen4 G26. Best value for the buck investment on my gun.
  12. Thank you for the reply Jeffs. I haven't gotten them yet but I'm excited to put them on my G23. I will post a pic and my opinion on them in a few days.
  13. I ordered my rubber textured talon grips and received them about 2 business days later. Very fast shipping. I installed them and they are amazing!!!! Very small price for something that makes such a large difference.

    The thing that I liked the most about the grips was that the instructions that came with them had a handwritten THANKS on it. Very small detail but that kind of thing makes a world of difference to me.

    Thank you for such a great product and even better customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!!!:supergrin:
  14. Anybody have a picture of what the rubber grips look like on a Springfield XD 9mm subcompact?
  15. I ordered the rubberized set for my Beretta Nano, they feel great in the hand, couldn't ask for better!

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