The belief that dogs are "people" kills

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Kingarthurhk, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Ray, that's a beautiful poem! Thank you.

    Answering for, 'the sins of the past' is a big part of life; isn't it. I, also, agree with you: We are stewards over our pets and livestock; and this stewardship makes every husbandman - in a very real spiritual sense - responsible for the ethical treatment and gentle care of all God's creatures.

    'A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.' - Proverbs 12:10

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    Arc, I understand you have a penchant to proselytize but your god is not lord over me. You have chosen to embrace your biggest weakness and I do not condemn you for that, it is your choice.

  3. Arc Angel

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    :upeyes: Don't be ridiculous! I have no, 'penchant to proselytize'. I'm perfectly willing to let you go to Hell all by yourself. (Won't bother me in the least!) :)

    What I am possessed of is a multi-dimensional personal intellect; and my interests are broad ranging. What do you think? That all I want to do is talk about stupid guns and shooting all day long! I'm, also, a moral man who believes that modern technology without ancient morality is a sure and certain way for anyone to destroy his very own soul.

    My social manners are, also, much better than yours. If - IF - I were to disbelieve in God I wouldn't do what you and your ilk do, and go onto the Internet to offend, or take, 'cheap shots' at everyone with better developed religious sense.

    You guys can be such big crybabies! You're, all, really good at dishing it out; but, when you get it back, all you do is whine and complain. Speak for yourself there, GD. Personally I don't want to be remembered as a, 'great gunman', or a guy who really knew shooting, and his Glocks. I'd much rather be remembered as a faithful and loyal Christian, instead.

    If my posts, their content, or viewpoint, offend you, ....... well, instead of taking, 'cheap shots' and posting snide remarks the way you usually do, how about trying the, 'Ignore' button. (But you don't have that sort of social etiquette; do you!) ;)
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    boy this thread sure has poem
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    Ah, but it will; and it does; and that old friend, is the price you pay and will continue to pay; while he does not, and will not. :whistling:

    The real difference is, I'll remember you. :wavey:

    It sucks being complex! :tongueout:

  6. RayB

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    1) Perhaps, it needed to. Perhaps, it's time. :dunno:

    2) Thank you! I put all of me into that... :wavey:

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    If only there was a subforum dedicated to religious drivel....
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    But you can ask about extraterrestrial life, and have Rabbi or devildog go off on mathematics, probabilities, and subatomic particle behavior?

    Not that that's a problem, since some things are interwoven, like space and time, eternity and God...

    I, for one, care what AA has to say! Because this is an issue pertaining to our moral compass, and religious belief is a part of that, that nearly ineffable part, that's worth all the rest.

    How dreary, if numbers told the whole story...

    By the bye, I want your input too!

  9. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    Or, alternatively, you could resign from PITA.
  10. Gentleman, the boy going in after his dog was 16 years old. Some of you are approaching this as if he had the reasoning skills of an older man with life experience behind him that would have helped him to make a more rational decision. What sort of clear-headed decision would any of us had made at this age in this particular situation under the same circumstances?

    He saw a pet that he presumably loved very, very much in what he thought was a life-threatening situation, and he more than likely gave very little thought if any to his own safety when he went in after the dog. His action was reactional instinct to a stressful situation. His thought process probably went no farther than "my dog is in trouble and I need to save him" and nothing more or nothing less.

    This is what young people do. They make many mistakes in their formative years which is how most of us learn how to successfully deal with situations later in life, but unfortunately in this case, it was a fatal mistake.

    To draw any conclusion that the boy considered the dog his equal is merely conjecture. The conclusion we can draw however, is that he loved his dog. That is the most admirable part of the tragic story.
  11. You're all aware that killing a police dog is treated the same as if you had killed a human police officer, right?

    Local governments have already decided that a dog's life is not only equal to a human's, but is actually more important.

    That being said, I would risk my life to save my cat. No, he is not human. But that does not make him unimportant.
  12. Excellent post!

    You should be on Reddit. It could use more people like you.
  13. RayB

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    Nicely said! :thumbsup:

    Bernie is definitely worth risking my life for; I would not hesitate. I would also use deadly force to defend him. :shocked:

    No, Bernie is not human. He's better than that! :tongueout:

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    You and Charlie Sheen and Bigfoot........:rofl:
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    I only read through about 30 percent of this thread, mainly because Frank has been stingy with the pictures lately.

    IMO, many are overrating this fellow man thing.
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  16. Funny, that's exactly what the Muslims in Iraq said when I talked to them. Almost to the T.

    But ofcourse your god is the true god, and theirs is false :upeyes:

    You über religious folk need Jesus.

  17. That's your opinion, no family is worth the life of any of my dogs,period. My dogs are better than ANY person that I've ever met, they are family and are treated as such and would be defended the same.
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    Didn't we have a like a big war over that, a while back? :headscratch:

    If memory serves, they lost that one... :whistling:


  19. I could not have said it better. I don't put them above my family but they are above you.


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