The Anti-Cop trend that isn't

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by JSandi, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. The only reason less police officers are killed today rather than 30 plus years ago is due to improved training, tactics, and equipment. If you ask me to cite my source I will tell you same is derived from 22 years of personal experience and research.

    What is your beef JSandi? Seriously, what are you trying to prove?

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  2. Well all that combined with improved and quicker emergency medical assistance...

    Like TBO said, add murder and assault rates together, then compare. Because in the past a lot of today's assaults would become murders in the past.

  3. RussP


    Are you a sworn LEO?
  4. Si...
  5. Patchman

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    I was wondering how long before the jsandi worm turned. It turned sooner than I thought.
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  6. I simply posted an article for discussion and the peanut gallery freaked out...
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  8. Right!

    Cuz no cop would ever disagree with or question a fellow cop or cops opinion...
  9. Is this the part where people start asking for everyone's ORI?


    Or scans...
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  10. You know... I think the owners here have the name of this particular form all wrong.

    It should be changed to "Cop Worship" instead of "Cop Talk"...

    Cuz its clear that all any of you guys want to hear is praise, worship and positive reinforcement from your peers. And when someone, anyone comes here and does not tow the party lien they are immediately case aside as a heretic or troll.
  11. To the OP - That's an interesting article and could be worth discussion...

    How about you post the article as quoted text and put the link at the top so we know that you're not the author and maybe include some of your own thoughts / comment so you're not just spamming cop-talk with whatever article you stumle across?

    Unless you're just a troll looking to stir the pot.
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  12. Agreed...
  13. JSandi, you didn't answer my question.
  14. Yes I did, "I have no beef"... I simply posted an article for discussion and the peanut gallery freaked out...
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    Earlier this afternoon I checked the FBI's 2000 thru 2009 LEOKA stats. Except for 2009, the trend since 2000 is that the number of assaults on LEOs have increased. They were pretty much in the 57,000 - 61,000 assaults/year range. Given the LEO population was about 500,000 LEOS, that's slightly over 10-percent of all LEOS are assaulted each year.

    See here for stats:

    jsandi, have you ever discusses this with anyone?
  16. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    OP likes :poke:
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    Have you read this?
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    He might also read the guidelines on how Eric wants articles posted, so as to avoid copyright issues. This is at least the second time he hadn't bothered to follow Eric's rules.

    As far as being a cop goes - he is one, IIRC. But, I think he's small town somewhere in Ohio. Small town work is a lot different than big city work, as we all know. I also seem to recollect he's on at least his 2nd agency, and that he's caused trolling problems in this forum before.
  19. Hi everybody. I've not posted on GT in quite a long time, but I've spent the last couple days looking through a lot of the FBI's LEOKA data (for an unrelated matter, trying to dig up some data to combat some "cop-killer bullet" silliness going on in California right now).

    I have to say that having looked at the data, I'm increasingly of the opinion that the "war on cops" articles I've been reading recently are yet another example of media sensationalism run amok. Looking at several LEOKA documents (including the one linked above by Patchman), you can see that once you control for the total number of officers the proportional number of assaults have decreased steadily and substantially since the '90s. The LEOKA reports these numbers are from are 2009, 2000, and 1996 (important because there are some year-to-year adjustments, but that variability isn't enough to skew the results significantly).


    Is there something that I'm missing here?
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    I don't know of any cops would refer to all other cops as being "slightly right of the Kaiser", or basically call cops oppressors....


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