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  1. dan20703

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    "The punter that punted the pigskin onto the Pantex property is now a PANTER" professed Penelope Pepperman.:supergrin:

    Say that fast three times!

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  2. I'd rather CANTER than gallop.

    PUP :wavey:

  3. Nobama wasn't much of a RANTER tonight! :cool:
  4. dan20703

    dan20703 Ammo Junkie

    Ranker is a socially-minded consumer web platform designed around collaborative and individual list-making and voting. Ranker uses lists and rankings to harness the "wisdom of crowds" to answer both watercooler debates like Worst Movies of All Time as well as practical searches like Best Car Values.

  5. How is Bronco Bama RANKED in Ranker?
  6. Banked
  7. A wooden barrel is banded with metal rings.
  8. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    I have sanded my share of bookshelves and cabinets.
  9. I have LANDED my share of fish!
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  10. NASA's lunar LANDER was a technological marvel in its time.

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  11. The Lancer was the mascot for my Jr. Highschool.
  12. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    The woman dancer looked hot.
  13. Clear and present Danger
  14. dne752

    dne752 Mad Catter

  15. Lori RANNER



    301 Bobet Hall
    Loyola University New Orleans
    Department of Languages and Cultures
    6363 St. Charles Ave.
    Campus Box 191
    New Orleans, LA 70118
    (504) 865-3683
    (504) 865-2010
    Latin Church in Medieval Greece, Socio-Cultural Interaction Between Latins and Greeks in the Eastern Mediterranean, Genoese Colonial Presence in the North Aegean


    M.Phil, University of Oxford; M.Phil, University of Oxford; B.A., Loyola University New Orleans
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  16. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    Sgt. Danner did maintenance on my helo.
  17. dan20703

    dan20703 Ammo Junkie

    Call me anything you like, but don't call me late for DINNER"
  18. dne752

    dne752 Mad Catter


    Winner, winner chicken dinner!!!
  19. dan20703

    dan20703 Ammo Junkie

    winner has already been used in post #987.

    Back to DINNER
  20. TINNER

    1. A tin miner.
    2. One that makes or deals in tinware; a tinsmith.

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