The .40 sucks.

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by OctoberRust, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. SCmasterblaster

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    I am going to get a Glock Mdl 22 soon. At 5000 rounds per year, the gun should last me ten years. Noooo problem!

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  2. I could see myself taking a step back to get behind the door of my patrol car, or behind the trunk of the vehicle I had stopped, but that is it.
    IMHO the best choice is to fight it out. Seek cover if you can, and keep fighting until the threat has ceased. Never give up. I don't plan on backpedaling. I can see the merits of it in a military situation though, where you and your squad may have to make a tactical retreat. For police scenerios I don't see the benefit.

  3. uz2bUSMC

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    Like I said above, if backwards is cover and every other direction is not...what is your option? Out of habit I will most likely press and move forward (at an angle) but that doesn't mean I shouldn't train with rearward movement. Even if you spend very little time training shooting while moving backwards, you should do it none the less to be familiar. Everyone can train for perfect world but you may find the need to back up a bit while sending some rounds. And no, my training is not all military based.

  4. Fair enough UZ2, I have to admit doing some very brief backpedaling while shooting IPSC close targets in some stages, strictly to save time and knowing full ahead what was behind me.

    But, in my advanced self defense training that type of action is almost a taboo, and I consider my instructors to be very good.
  5. That is utterly ridiculous and unsafe.

    I can't believe anyone could have allowed that.

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