The 10 Ring

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Tazz10m, Sep 27, 1999.

  1. loki1701

    loki1701 Earthling


    Could I please have #1701 ?


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  2. possibilityPete


    I tried to join Glocktalk because of the 10 Ring about a month ago and they weren't accepting any new members at the time. Well. I'm here now, and I feel great alongside my 10mm brothers. My mission is to do everything I can to spread the word about the virtues of this great caliber. Give me, oh, how about a #1988, the year I became a 10mm fanatic with my first Delta Colt? Haven't ever looked back at the 45 since.

  3. Westicle

    Westicle Canadian... Eh

    Can I have 10 ring Number # 403 Please... to match my other membership Numbers.... Thanks All.

    Here is a picture of my New/Used G20

  4. Tazz,

    If it's not taken save 686 for me.

    L J
  5. I'd like #1991
  6. I'd like to have 10-10-2-20 if possible.

    If not, what ever you give me.

  7. G33

    G33 Frisky!
    Millennium Member CLM

    Hi! Tazz.

  8. Please add me to the club. Love my Glock 10's the best. I also have a long slide IAI Javelina. bought it because I love the Glocks.
  9. oh yeathe number thing....1963
  10. I am now another convert. Don't get me wrong, I still have my SIG 228, and it is a gem to shoot.
    I also have a SIG 229 in 40S&W, also a gem. But in
    it all the Glock 20 is what it is all about.
    I did not believe it at first, then I read all the neat stuff on glocktalk, and then I made the move and got a g20. Also with Lunde's help, I have 2 fA
    barrels, which allow me the luxury of 40S&W or 357 SIG. I love the big blast of the 357Sig, however would not trade it for the 180gr Proload's. Very sweet shooter....

  11. #1961 if available otherwise #2001

    Owned Glock 20 for more years than I can remember. Been lurking on Glock Talk for over a year. Time to start replying.

    That is if I may.
  12. GunslingerP16

    GunslingerP16 Non-Myrmidon

    I'd like to join the 10 ring too!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd like #444 if possible. If not, how about #22-250. If both are taken just assign me any old number (I'm not that picky!!!)
  13. i would like to claim #459 if still available.
  14. Hmmmmmmmm I am not sure if i need a number but dont want to be left out in the cold May I please have 10357 or some other number u may find for me? Please
  15. FIRING27

    FIRING27 Senior Member

    I would like to join the club! As a new owner of a G20, what better place to belong !! For a number I'll take 710.
  16. Singlestack

    Singlestack Master Member

    I am expecting delivery on my G20 next week. If 1911 is not taken I would like it.


    Rats...... just did a little reading and found 1911 has been taken.
    How about #987??
  17. Tazz10m

    Tazz10m Mod Aerator
    Moderator Millennium Member

  18. Hello,
    The right reverend Dr. CarloPonti would like to request number 2002.

    Thank you very much.

  19. FireHole

    FireHole Unknown

    I'd like number 1111, please.


  20. redskyzatknight

    redskyzatknight Glock S&W Kahr

    #2662 please, thanks - redskyzatknight

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