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  1. I have got a lot of info here, and i appreciate all of the knowledge I have learned, which lead to my recent purchases. I now have all the proper permits and the guns are in the mail! I am grinding my teeth daily and trying to find a close by range.
    Living in Mass it was a mission!
    I thank you and introduce myself now-

    The two Glocks that are in rought are a G22, at the FFL Dealer, and the G17, still on the paperwork trail. I cant believe that gun is a 1988 Gen 1! 25 year old gun... mint

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  3. :welcome: To GlockTalk!

    Keep reading and keep posting!

    You'll find MOST of us friendly. :supergrin:

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    :welcome: Enjoy GT....................
  5. Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to GT.
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  8. Thank you, is this blog just in the states or is it national?
  9. Welcome to GT and nice score on the Gen 1 Model 17!
  10. I do not know what the average person would pay for one, but this appeared almost new and def. was a Gen 1... I really went for it because of its age and is significane to Glock.. The first year the Serial #'s started with A , B , C ETC and the AA, BB, CC and this one is a BB so it was shipped out just the 2nd year Glock was exporting their pistol. Kind of cool, still waiting on transfer though.
  11. Post some pics when you receive it. Would be interested to see a Gen 1.
  12. Will do, still coming, he received payment and I talked to him Wednesday, so he said he would mail the next day... I am weary of using the computer for a gun transaction... but you can't find the selection anywhere else.. Hope it turns out as I hope... or I may post no picture! The Glock 22 gen2 is locked and loaded, I put 100 round of .40 cal and 100 of 9mill, she works perfect, only flaw was that the front "night" sight popped off while shooting, fixed and back at home, I will post picks of both ASAP.. thanks for the friendly greetings-
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    :welcome: From Michigan!
  14. The G17 is in, but when I was at the FFL they called and are needed "more time to inquire" about my background... shame the hoops we have in MA. Should have it in 3 days or so, and at that time I will post pics.
    I was unaware that the Gen1 had an adjustable sight.. and the original box has a spot for ammo storage right in the GLOCK carrying case. Will be happy to get pics up ASAP. thanks for the warm welcome-
  15. One more thing, in the gen2 22, if you turn the slide upside down there is 2 small notches worn out of the metal about half way down... guess I will have to put a pic on here, at the shop the black smith never seen it before on a glock, but the owner of the shop said it is very common?? Any knowledge of the "wearing" to anyone else??
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    Welcome to GT from Illinois!
  17. How can i pot some pics?

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