Texas to revisit open carry for handguns

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by HerrGlock, Feb 11, 2013.

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  3. redbaron007

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    Sounds like a marvelous idea to me!! :elephant:

    Only one wish, it not be tied to a CCW endorsement. But Hey, you can't win them all!



  4. While it would be nice to not be as worried about clothing selection, I would probably continue to carry concealed. I think open carry would just present retention problems with kids/nuts attempting take guns, and also presents a shoot the guy with the gun first situations.
  5. You know, I wonder how people who think like you can get through life without handwringing on something like this?

    If it isn't for you, then it isn't for you, much like smoking, driving, golfing, motorcycling, whatever. You guys are as bad as DemocRATS.

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day

  6. I sure do hope they finally pass it. The more options we have, the better. Even if we don't exercise every single option every single day, the ability to pick and choose is great.
  7. people who are anti open carry keep citing that OCers would be the first target in a robbery... i call BS.... are there any stats to prove this theory?
  8. I'd love to have the option. I probably wouldn't open carry but knowing that if I accidentally got exposed I'd be legal would be nice.
  9. I don't see having the open carry tied to our CHL causing any kind of problem at all. That way you could concealed carry or open carry or partially concealed. One license to cover all carry sounds good to me.
  10. You're right, there are those people that live their life with "yeah, but what if". They seem to live in fear of everything.
  11. SCmasterblaster

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    I would think that the OCer would be the LAST target for a mugging!!
  12. AA_Khost

    AA_Khost Member

    I hope it passes. There are times I would like to carry my G20 and other full size firearms without worrying about printing.
    There is a clause in the bill that you would have to use a retention holster. I do not like that part nor the fact it's tied in to your CHL.

    But it is a start.
  13. AGAF

    AGAF On a Journey

    Sure hope it passes. Would love to have the option. That article is dead on....no OC in Texas just doesn't fit the culture. I've lived here my entire life. Outside the metroplex areas, no one would blink an eye seeing people walk around openly carrying their gun.
  14. redbaron007

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    Depending on the state's constitution, it may not be a licensed issue, but a constitutional issue. CCW is generally a permit; meaning it isn't a right.

    The perfect scenario would be to have OC unregulated. In MO, it is a right to OC; however, municipalities can restrict it. We are working to resolve that, hopefully.


  15. Their theory is that if a guy with a gun walks into a mini mart to rob the place, he'll shoot a guy in the back if he's openly carrying a firearm, just so the guy won't try to stop the robber from robbing the place. I haven't seen any evidence to back up that theory, and from stories I've heard, open carry is more likely to prevent a robbery, rather than make you a target. However, those are stories, so take them with a grain of salt. But I sure would like to see data from both sides of the argument.
  16. Arizona doesn't have an issue with it and you don't need a CCW to do it.
  17. Kamo

    I'm jealous. No OC on Long Island and your chances of even getting a CC is comparable to winning the lottery. :(

    I hope it passes for you guys out there in the Free State that so many of us here wish we could live in. Good luck.
  18. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil

    Well it's about time Texas got with the program and enacted better gun laws.

    Just poking your ribs. :tongueout::rofl:

    I hope you guys get it passed.
  19. Well I guess we here in Alaska are lucky in a couple of ways... If you are legal to own a gun then
    1) No license is needed to carry concealed
    2) It is also legal to 'open carry' (no license required)

    There are the restrictions on carrying at the post office, schools, federal buildings but hey, guess we have to live with that.
  20. happyguy

    happyguy Man, I'm Pretty

    How is it that expessing that open carry is not for him and then giving the reason makes him as bad as a "DemocRATS"?

    Are you just trolling again?

    Comrade Happyguy :) Whohasbeenknowntoopencarryonoccassion
    #19 happyguy, Feb 13, 2013
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2013
  21. Texas Constitution

    Sec. 23. RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Every citizen shall have

    the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or

    the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate

    the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.

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