Tell Me About These TGI FEG AMD-65s.

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Restless28, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. These AMDs have me curious. I like the idea of a cheap AK buil on an original receiver. They look plentiful right now, but I have read some issues of mag wobble without a Tapco mag.

    Are these good to go at less than $500?

    Any reason to avoid?

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  2. Anyone?

  3. They are really solid guns. Easily one of the best buys currently in the AK world.
    Most AKs will have a slight amount of wobble with steel mags, it's just the nature of the beast. Mag wobble isn't a bad thing unless it's extreme to the point of causing feed issues.
    For $430 you can't go wrong with one imo.
  4. Any more feedback? I'm still on the fence.
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    Are they built for a double stack magazine?
  6. Good question. Best I can tell, is that they aren't monkeyed with, except for the welded brake and the Tapco G2 trigger.
  7. Hell, I went ahead and ordered one. For $430, I'll give it a try.
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    I had one (had to sell it back when the bottom fell out in 08) and am looking at re-acquiring one. It was very solid, no issues.

    This time I will put an Ultimak gas tube rail on it though. The eyes ain't what they were.

    And as far as mag wobble, I never used anything but surp and never noticed an issue. but then again, it's a stamped AK, I expect it.
  9. I will look into the Ultimak too. I'll grab some of the new Tapco smooth side fakelite mags too.
  10. It has an original Feg barrel and receiver with all matching parts. Easily the best bang for the buck at the moment. Feg makes some highest quality Ak's ever imported. Hungarian 20 rounders were designed for the rifle.

    The cons. The rifle heats up very badly if your hand wonders above the front grip. The stock needs a cheek riser to shoot comfortably which is $29-$39 I think and it also throws off a serious fireball with the brake that is on it. That is why it is called the "Fire Breathing Dragon".
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  11. Thanks. I may order another one now.
  12. Yes they are.
  13. I just got off the phone with Gio at AMD65Tech. That was one of the best, if not the best, conversations that I have had with a firearms businessman. He took the time to tell me about the AMD, to ask any questions, and he gave me free advice an open door for any AMD questions. A+++!

    I'm ordering his handmade cheek riser, sling loop, and recoil buffer. That guy is the AMD65 guru.
  14. I have one. Mine is from TGI, can came used with a AMDtech cheek wire and texas weapons top dogleg pic rail.

    Very solidly built gun...until you get to the mag. These originally took a single stack mag, and were cut to accept the standard AK. Significant Side to side wobble, even when fully loaded-- I have not fired it yet, so don't know the significance if any. I wonder if a plastic shim on both sides of the mag would solve that.
  15. Why do you need the recoil buffer? Did he give a reason?

  16. I.m taking the lower handguard to work tomorrow to mill off the tab that used to hold the vertical foregrip. Im going to mount rail sections on bottom and both sides! $10.00 and the luxury of being a machinist beats paying for aftermarket parts! Love the amd65 tech riser too. This is definitely my favorite ak that I own.
  17. Yes. He told me that it tames the recoil a bit, and when the gun is warmed up, it literally feels like a 5.45. It also makes the bolt run "snappier" and the action runs much quieter.
  18. The concussion from its one of a kind muzzle brake is quite awesome too.
  19. Never shoot it without hearing protection; I got curious and tried it, instant ear pain was my stupid prize.
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