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Discussion in 'US Navy Forum' started by Diesel McBadass, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    Im looking for a medical related military job, emphasis on emergency medicine. Was looking at army 68w and want to explore all options. Want to know more about corpsman rate. Requirements, type of duty, etc.

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  3. HalfHazzard

    HalfHazzard Señor Member

    What's your training right now? If you have any sort of skills you might be bored by enlisting as a Corpsman.

  4. You will have fun handing out Motrin and Foot powder for everything. If you deploy and get attached to a grunt unit then its I hope you brought your nuts with you. Doc's are awesome.
  5. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    emt b licnced, want to go to higher levels and train more. Problem is the job markets frozen here and the pre requisites to the paramedicne program requires you to have worked at the basic level for 3 months with 50 calls to get on a waiting list... So im stuck in place here.

    Seems a corpsman gets all kinds of advanced training.
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  6. HalfHazzard

    HalfHazzard Señor Member

    There's certainly a lot of things to do as a Corpsman in the Navy. Diving medicine and Fleet Marine are some unique opportunities available to them. The Doc on my boat was an Independent Duty Corpsman (takes a while to get there), and he had received a lot of extra training. And then there's always the Corpsman at the branch clinics and hospitals who act as orderlies/nurses. I did have a HM3 (E-4) staple my head once and he did a great job; he had just come back from the sand box so I trusted him.

    Lots of opportunities... don't forget that when/if you join, the Navy will pretend you don't have any skills. If you're looking for a change of scenery do it, if you're looking for more skills right now, YMMV. Good luck.
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  7. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    there's a ****load of opportunities as an HM....everything from Recon (SARC) to SEAL (as a source rating), to Bio Medical Equipment repair and Cardiovascular technician (big money when you get out) to Preventive Medicine (NEC 8432) which is easily employable in the future. With your training, you might be able to join as an E2....

    I still say, go for Coast Guard or Air Force if you want quality of life and the opportunity to go to school.
  8. Diesel McBadass

    Diesel McBadass Tactically Epic

    lol coast guards broke, i know that firsthand.
  9. Don't forget to check out potential assignments. The Air Force has some particularly terrible ones. The Army is just a little better. My Daughter chose the Navy because of the tremendous assignments (unless you're on ship) and is currently going through Med School courtesy of the Navy. She went in as an Officer and is making great pay while attending medical school for free. She loves working with the corpsmen because they take their jobs so seriously. I found the same thing while I was in the Army 38 years ago with our medics. Probably the most dedicated MOS of all.
  10. ChuteTheMall

    ChuteTheMall HildabeastHater

    According to the Commander in Chief, it's pronounced Corpse-Man, so it probably involves carrying dead bodies around.
  11. LOL, what the chief said...
    (3rd/1st FSG 76-80 then Uni and Army...)
  12. If the job market is frozen there, you might want to look at going somewhere it isn't. That would be a good middle ground. Otherwise, there's many opportunities in the Navy. But many you don't get to choose in the beginning, it'll be what uncle sam needs and what you re-up for.
  13. I love my Corpsman! Anyone who will join the Navy to spend his time in the Marine Corps doing what I did is fine by me. Just remember that if you get assigned to a grunt unit, your going to be doing everything there going to be doing. Never complain. We don't always expect our Corpsman to be able to keep up with us, but the ones that do get the highest respect!

    We had one corpsman that was a wimpy SOB. He once tried to medically remove himself from a 10 mile hump. He nearly got a beat down.

    Since I've been out I've come across 2 Corpsman as friends. I bought them K-Bars for there birthdays. I told them they earned it. One guy recently told me he sleeps with his beside his bed at night.
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  14. Why would you enlist as a corpsman or medic if you didn't expect combat?
  15. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    You would be surprised how many think they would only see ships or hospitals. Many of them never end up with Marine units. And many with Marine units don't see **** for combat.

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